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Introduced:  Dark Materials Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Shadow
Aegis of the Golden Flame
Aegis of the Golden Flame Icon
  • Value: 10,000
  • Burden: 300
  • Armor Level: 190 (430)
  • Slashing: Average (190) (430)
  • Piercing: Average (190) (430)
  • Bludgeoning: Average (190) (430)
  • Fire: Unparalleled (380) (860)
  • Cold: Below Average (95) (215)
  • Acid: Average (152) (344)
  • Electric: Above Average (228) (516)
  • Nether: Average (190) (430)
  • Spells: Aura of Resistance, Minor Impenetrability, Fiery Blessing, Major Flame Ward, Brogard's Defiance, Minor Magic Resistance
  • Properties: Magic Absorbing, Attuned, Bonded, Ivoryable
  • Wield requires level 140
  • Activation requires Melee Defense: 400
  • Spellcraft: 400
  • Mana: 5000
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.
  • A shield forged from Pure Mana and Flame. This Aegis is the ultimate expression of the heraldry of the Knights of the Golden Flame upon Dereth.
Aegis of the Golden Flame Live

Aegis of the Golden Flame


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