Introduced:  Fever Dreams Related Quests:  Buadren Quest, Invoker Quest Updated:  Across the Vast Divide
Aun Aulakhe
Non-Player Killer
Aun Aulakhe Live
Race Aun Tumerok
Location 82.7N 21.2E (Aun Settlement)
Level 50
Strength 280
Endurance 270
Coordination 275
Quickness 220
Focus 210
Self 230
Health 185
Stamina 370
Mana 230


  • Route: Take the Dagger Vale portal east of Arwic at 32.9N 59.4E. Run west to 82.7N 21.2E.

Lore & Dialog

Aun Aulakhe tells you, "Several moons ago, my father Shimauri summoned us to his accustomed story hour, to tell of a story never heard by my generation."
Aun Aulakhe tells you, "Long ago, in the combined pasts of the Hea and Aun, Aun Tanua was a nigh-legendary warrior who was beloved by our xuta. He left our gates to challenge the Puh in his mudflats of Ahurenga, never to return. We thought perhaps he had been captured or slain by the Hea, but now we have discovered the truth: when they were unable to conquer him, the Hea called upon the Atua ngamaru. Answering them, the floating demons bore down and plunged him down into the depths of the Lightning-Sea, never to be heard of again."
Aun Aulakhe tells you, "My task is to find warriors brave enough to enter the Lightning-Sea, who can search for him and bring him back to us. My buhdi Tikakhe tells me that you might be the person we are looking for."
Aun Aulakhe tells you, "When you find Tanua, warm him with the ember of the akiekie fire that you see on the ground, for there is no telling how Aun Tanua's mind might have fared in his captivity."
Aun Aulakhe tells you, "My training, both in my homeland and with the Aualuan of your xuta, has taught me to create the Burning Pools that shimmer upon the Lightning-Sea. I have opened such a portal on the surface of the akiekie pond, and if you dare swim its depths, enter it and find Aun Tanua!"
Aun Aulakhe tells you, "A word of advice: All must depend upon the coordination of their fellows to navigate the Shimmering Sea. Farewell, and Tanae speed you in your hunt."

Retired Dialog

Aun Aulakhe murmers a prayer to calm the waters of the Lightning-Sea. Slowly, a portal starts to shimmer in the depths of the akiekie pond.

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