Introduced:  Dark Majesty Related Quests:  Olthoi Queen Quest, Hive Queen Assault Updated:  Engineered Ascendance
Aun Kahmaula
Non-Player Killer
Aun Kahmaula Live
Race Aun Tumerok
Location 53.0N, 73.3W - Menhir Ring
Level 183


Lore & Dialog

Aun Kahmaula tells you, "Greetings, seeker. I am a spiritcaller of the Aun xuta. We are responsible for maintaining the stone rings of this island."
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "Please disturb not my work, for all depends upon this rhythm."

Handing Aun Kahmaula a Pyreal Bell

You give Aun Kahmaula Pyreal Bell.
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "How interesting. This is an instrument used by your people? Tonk says 'music is all and everlasting'"
The crashing of the great pyreal bell reverberates through the ground. The menhir stones crack and break!
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "No! What have you done? Villian!"
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "I must go and warn the xuta."

Handing Aun Kahmaula a Tuning Fork

You give Aun Kahmaula Tuning Fork.
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "How curious. This is an instrument used by your people to assure the highest quality of tones?"
Aun Kahmaula strikes the Tuning Fork against the stones and a low pitched tone resonates outward. The menhir stones crack and break!
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "What trickery is this...?"
A blank look suddenly washes over Aun Kahmaula's face. A gentle blue glow eminates from his eyes.
Aun Kahmaula tells you, "The awakening has begun. Predictable meatbags..."

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