Introduced:  Masked Memories Related Quests:  Delving into Claude's Mind
Aun Kelauri
Non-Player Killer
Aun Kelauri Live
Race Aun Tumerok
Location Tuatara Plains at 53.4N 79.0W, on the north side of Marae Lassel.
Level 54


Lore & Dialog

Aun Kelauri tells you, "Peace be with you, buhdi. Welcome to my abode."
Aun Kelauri tells you, "All are welcome to come and meditate upon their own keh, or upon the keh of others."
Aun Kelauri tells you, "I have found that sometimes such visions are aided by the use of atuakeh dust. Form a fellowship and toss your dust into the fire, and your fellowship will be able to see things you were unable to before for a short time."
Aun Kelauri tells you, "Beware - the atuakeh dust will only work upon those who are a member of your fellowship when you toss the dust upon the fire and who remain with your fellowship as they approach the fire."
Aun Kelauri tells you, "The mists will only remain parted for a short time - a half hour at most. Hurry on your task"
Aun Kelauri tells you, "Finally, if you die, the journey to your lifestone will erase what tie you have to the other world. Be careful in how you tread, for that which lurks there can kill as surely as the monsters of this world."

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