Introduced:  Children of the Prodigal Lord Related Quests:  Carenzi Plague
Aun Teriona
Non-Player Killer
Aun Teriona Live
Race Aun Tumerok
Location 41.3N, 75.3W near Bluespire
Level 134
Strength 95
Endurance 90
Coordination 100
Quickness 100
Focus 40
Self 50
Health 145
Stamina 200
Mana 150


Lore & Dialog

Aun Teriona appraises you closely.

Aun Teriona tells you, "Greetings, human - hear the kah of the carenzi. While they are fierce creatures and sometimes infest burrows that they should not, by and large they exist in harmony with Palenqual. I have heard a troubling report, though - that the touch of Wharu infests some carenzi and inflicts a terrible disease."

Aun Teriona tells you, "To prevent the plague from overtaking the land, you must seek carenzi which bear plague and destroy both them and others of their kind in that immediate area. Examine their livers to identify whether the carenzi are diseased. If you have culled the diseased carenzi already, show me the liver that I may see the evidence of the infection."

Aun Teriona tells you, "Know that only those carenzi which burrow upward to the light are afflicted. Those which exist forever in the ground are not susceptible to the illness."

Aun Teriona tells you, "You are a great hunter and warrior whose exploits should be sung of far and wide, if they are not already. To you I task the culling of the Mangy Carenzi. I have been told that these creations of the atua ngamaru are found within the place known as the Singularity Caul."

Alternate interaction

Aun Teriona appraises you closely.

Aun Teriona tells you, "I can see that you are the paragon of hunters, and so I shall give you the hardest task of all. You must cull the Tainted Carenzi, foul creations of the atua ngamaru. Seek them in the place known as the Singularity Caul."

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