Introduced:  Fever Dreams Related Quests:  Buadren Quest, Invoker Quest Updated:  Across the Vast Divide
Aun Tikakhe
Non-Player Killer
Aun Tikakhe Live
Race Aun Tumerok
Location 82.7N 21.0E (Aun Settlement)
Level 50
Strength 280
Endurance 270
Coordination 275
Quickness 220
Focus 210
Self 230
Health 185
Stamina 370
Mana 230


  • Route: Take the Dagger Vale portal east of Arwic at 32.9N 59.4E. Run west to 82.7N 21.0E.

Lore & Dialog

Aun Tikakhe tells you, "When Aulakhe first came and told me he was leaving Timaru, I knew I could not let him go alone. We have journeyed across the breadth of Dereth on our quest, and I have seen much that could be used to create semblances of the items we had back on Palenqual."
Aun Tikakhe tells you, "In the days since we have settled here, even more powerful spirits than before have pledged their aid in the creation of the Buadrens much like the one you see in my hands."
Aun Tikakhe tells you, "The great Aualuan Kenchaua has sent word from the mountains of the south that Ebon Mattekar pledged his hides to form Buadren's head."
Aun Tikakhe tells you, "Fire Shreth from the plains of the north has pledged his hides to form Buadren's sinews."
Aun Tikakhe tells you, "As we finally settled here, near the akiekie of Aula's new ani, Ispar Celdisethaua, Mighty Oak promised his limbs to form Buadren's body."
Aun Tikakhe tells you, "Once you assemble these three gifts, give the hide of Ebon Mattekar to me. I will inspect it for its imperfections--if it is perfect, I will give you a fragrant oil brought from Timaru to tan it into a supple drumskin. Tanae speed your hunt, friend."

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