Introduced:  Release Updated:  The Hall of the Tusker King, Master of Design
Barkeeper Wilomine
Non-Player Killer
Barkeeper Wilomine Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Barkeeper
Location Barkeeper Wilomine runs the Helm and Shield bar in Holtburg at 42.2N, 33.7E.
Level 5
Strength 35
Endurance 50
Coordination 60
Quickness 60
Focus 35
Self 30
Health 80
Stamina 115
Mana 50



Pyreal Icon Pyreal




Cooking Items

Lore & Dialog


Barkeeper Wilomine tells you, "Welcome to the Helm and Shield! What's your pleasure today?"

Buying From

Barkeeper Wilomine tells you, "Did you see the directions I sell? There's a lot of places around Holtburg where an adventurer can make their fortune ..."

Barkeeper Wilomine tells you, "Can I get you anything else? A cold stout, mayhaps?"

Selling To

Barkeeper Wilomine tells you, "You drive a hard bargain, my friend."


Barkeeper Wilomine tells you, "Come back soon, friend - I'll keep the taps flowing!"

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