Introduced:  The Iron Coast Related Quests:  The Painbringer Quest, Tusker Tusks, Snow Tusker Leader Tusk Quest Updated:  Dreams of Torment
Brighteyes, the Tailor
Non-Player Killer
Brighteyes, the Tailor Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Underground Resistance Leader
Location 2.2N 95.6E in Oolatanga's Refuge on Aphus Lassel.
Level 18
Strength 190
Endurance 120
Coordination 120
Quickness 120
Focus 40
Self 165
Health 65
Stamina 230
Mana 170


Lore & Dialog

Brighteyes, the Tailor tells you, "Have you brought me proof that your fighting against the tuskers? If so, hand it over so I can give you your reward. But be discreet, they may not understand Roulean but they know when something is up."

You give Brighteyes, the Tailor Tusker Slave Tusk.
Brighteyes, the Tailor tells you, "What is this? This is the left tusk, it's hollow. I cannot use this. It has no value on this island."
Brighteyes, the Tailor gives you Sharp Tusker Slave Tusk

You allow Brighteyes, the Tailor to examine your Snow Tusker Leader Tusk.
Brighteyes, the Tailor tells you, "Would you look at the size of that?! They must be putting something in the water to grow them that big! The bigger they are, the harder they fall."
Brighteyes chips a fragment off of the tusk and presses it firmly against a blue gem in his hands.
Brighteyes, the Tailor gives you 2 Frozen Valley Portal Gems.
Brighteyes, the Tailor tells you, "Here, take these. They will get you back to that frozen tundra quicker. I'll never understand why people would want to freeze their coconuts off like that, but to each their own!"

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