Introduced:  Bridging the Vast Divide Related Quests:  Guruk Colossus Kill Task
Non-Player Killer
Brogosh Live
Race Burun
Title Dead Eye Hunter
Location Kor-Gursha on Bur
Level 100
Strength 200
Endurance 260
Coordination 140
Quickness 320
Focus 100
Self 100
Health 280
Stamina 420
Mana 100


Lore & Dialog

Brogosh tells you, "Those Guruk Colossi have been stomping on our citizens! Prove yourself a hunter my friend. Search the Southern Catacombs and kill 30 of those colossal brutes! I'll reward you well for stomping them flat."

Brogosh tells you, "Good job! I bet the caverns are full of colossal corpses. That should keep them away from us for awhile. Here's the reward I promised."
You've earned 9,887,000 experience.
Brogosh tells you, "You will be forever remembered as a "Dead Eye for the Colossi"."

Brogosh tells you, "You did a fine job hunting down those Colossi."
Brogosh leans in conspiratorially and whispers to you, "I hear they eat their own dead."
He makes a grimace and shivers.
Brogosh tells you, "They won't be bothering us for awhile I reckon. Come back in a couple of weeks, they always come back."

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