Introduced:  Strange Sightings Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Drudge Updated:  Master of Arms
Burnja's Board with Nails
Burnja's Board with Nails Icon
  • Value: 2,000, fire
  • Burden: 800
  • Skill: Heavy Weapons (Mace)
  • Damage: 15 - 30 , Fire
  • Speed: Fast (30) (0)
  • Bonus to Attack Skill: +14%
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +12.0%
  • Spells: Flame Bolt I, Atlan's Alacrity, Infected Caress
  • Properties: Biting Strike, Armor Cleaving, Cast on Strike: Flame Bolt I
  • Wield requires base Heavy Weapons 270
  • Activation requires Arcane Lore: 90
  • Spellcraft: 280.
  • Mana: 720.
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 20 seconds.
  • A huge burning board with two nails. This mighty board with a nails burns hotter than most boards.
Burnja's Board with Nails Live


  • Dropped by Captain Burnja.
  • If you don't want it you can hand Burnja's Board with Nails to Jarvis Hammerstone in Cragstone for 10% up to level 180 (66,000,000xp max) the first time, and 3% up to level 90 (1,839,776xp max) for repeated turn ins.
  • During the Master of Arms event, the skill was changed from Mace to Heavy Weapons, and the base damage upped from 12 - 24 to 15 - 30.

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