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Cow Tipping
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Dwennon
Starts At: 42.6N, 33.6E in Holtburg
Time to Complete: 25 Minutes
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • This is a very quick way to go solo from level 8 after completing the Training Academy Quest (and starter contracts) to level 16 without any risk.
  • If you are using Decal, the Khao Tipper plugin can automate this task. See the Plugins page.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Tip 300 Cows by using or double-clicking them. Any cow will work.
  2. Return to Dwennon when you're finished to receive your rewards.
Total Cow Tips Chat Message
1 You think to yourself "One tip down, I wonder how many more this guy could possibly expect..."
50 The cows lips do not move but you would almost swear you just heard "Moooo, Mooo Mooooooo!"
100 A thought pops into your head "Cow Logic" and you think... "What's that?" Maybe you can ask Dwennon about it some day.
150 You think to yourself "I must be at least half done, and if not then Dwennon can just finish tipping this cow himself."
200 Your arms are getting tired, you think to yourself "I must have tipped at least 200 times by now."
250 Unless you lost track someplace along the way, which you think is very possible at this point, you believe that's your 250th tip. What, no fireworks? Maybe you have a few more tips to go still.
300 It seems to you like you have done enough tipping for now, maybe Dwennon in Holtburg has an update for you...

Dungeons & Maps

No quest dungeons.


Tip a Cow 300 times...
Titles: "Obviously Bored"



Opening Dialog

Dwennon tells you, "You've seen them lingering around town, haven't you? They've been here all along, you know that, don't you? They have spies all over the place. They see and hear everything. They must be stopped, and stopped the only way we know how. Simply killing them isn't good enough, we need to tip them and tip them often. Go, go tip the cows, they must be stopped!"
Completing Quest

Dwennon tells you, "Good, those cows will be set for a while, you can take a break. I expect you to report back here tomorrow to continue though, we can't let down our guard. Even better, search out cows around the world and tip them. They must all be stopped."

You've earned 500,000 experience."

You are Obviously Bored, maybe you should check your titles.

Dwennon gives you Tipped Pack Cow.

Dwennon tells you, "Don't tell them I gave that to you, you don't want to see them when they get very mad."

Update History

Come What Follows

  • Quest introduced.

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