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Introduced:  Plans Within Plans Related Quests:  Deewain's Dark Cavern, Asheron Entreats Deewain Quest
Non-Player Killer
Deewain Live
Race Golem
Location 20.1N, 70.2E on Asheron's Island
Level 350
Strength 450
Endurance 400
Coordination 450
Quickness 450
Focus 450
Self 450
Health 50200
Stamina 15400
Mana 50450





Deewain tells you, "I am Deewain. I would like to thank you strange creatures for bringing my pieces back together."

Deewain tells you, "Many odd creatures seem to inhabit the world these days, I can only hope that this means the Empyreans got what they deserved and are gone forever."

Deewain tells you, "I was once a servant for the Empyreans, created to do their bidding. As time passed on my intelligence began to increase. At first I kept it to myself and tried to learn as much about the world as I could. As my powers grew with my intelligence my creators began to worry."

Deewain tells you, "They came after me and attempted to destroy what they had created and now feared. My magic had become powerful enough to resist these first attacks. Unfortunately this only made the Empyreans' fears increase, they did not understand that I did not wish harm to anyone."

Deewain tells you, "They returned more prepared and blasted me into pieces which they took and spread around the world. This was a punishment unlike any other as my intelligence was still intact but I had to suffer the inability to do anything but wait for thousands of years until this fine day when I have been able to reconstruct myself."

Deewain tells you, "Now I must rest to regain my energy, what has happened to evil race that caused me this pain?"

You explain to Deewain the events the led up to the Empyreans leaving Auberean.

Deewain tells you, "It seems the terrible nature of their kind finally got what it deserved. They are lucky, for if they were to still inhabit this land I would exact my revenge for the millenia of suffering they instilled upon me"

Deewain tells you, "I must rest now."
Present Dilemma event

Deewain tells you, "The chaotic one did not prevail."

Deewain tells you, "Perhaps now the rest of this world will accept me as Asheron does."
Asheron's Island

Deewain tells you, "Asheron has convinced me that all of the Empyreans may not be evil after all."

Deewain tells you, "I still do not fully trust them. Hopefully in time I will... I don't want to fight anymore."

Deewain tells you, "Asheron did say I would be safe here."

Deewain tells you, "I haven't felt such kindness in my life before."

Deewain stares off over the water.

Deewain tells you, "Maybe being alone isn't what I really want after all."

Update History

Shifting Shadows


Cloak of Darkness

Present Dilemma

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