Introduced:  The Paths of Destruction Related Quests:  Captain K'rank's Errands, Isparian Weapons Quest
Diamond Heart
Diamond Heart Icon
  • Value: 20
  • Burden: 300

Diamond Heart Live

Diamond Heart


You give Trophy Smith Diamond Heart.

Trophy Smith tells you, "A heart of diamond."

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Trophy Smith gives you 3 Diamond Scarabs.

Trophy Smith tells you, "The materials toughness seems to have a direct correlation to the golems toughness."

  • Give to a Trophy Smith for 7,500 experience and 3 Diamond Scarabs.

You give Stone Collector Diamond Heart.

Stone Collector tells you, "You're lucky to find one of these!"

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Stone Collector gives you 3 Diamond Scarabs.

  • Does not stack.

Recipes Used In

Dropped By

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