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Enhancing Mucor
Level: 80
Rec. Level: 120+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha
Starts At: Kor-Gursha on Bur
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • In order to do this quest you must have access to Bur and have completed the Burun Liberator quest.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. In Kor-Gursha, the Burun town on Bur, find Torgluuk the High Shaman of Kor-Gursha and speak to him. He will hand you some Inert Mucor.
    • Warning: Do not accidentally consume it because it has a 99% lowering effect on attributes. If you do consume it, speak to Torgluuk for more.
  2. After you have the Inert Mucor go to the Southern Catacombs down on the passages near Torgluuk.
  3. Go right from the portal drop through one big room then through after hallway. In the next big room is a Rock and red portal right beside each other.
  4. Use the Rock and you will be portaled to the the Upper Catacombs.
  5. Go up till you reach a T intersection and go right then make a left up another hallway with doors on each side. Run all the way up that hallway and before you turn again stop and on the right side of the hallway go in the third room from the end and use the statue.
  6. You should be portaled into the dungeon with the Ley Line, the Ley Line Cavern. It contains the same monsters as the Upper Catacombs.
    • At the first 4 four way intersection go straight
    • At the first T intersection go right
    • At the second T intersection go left
    • It is now a straight shot to the Ley Line room. No branches. You have to jump across a magma pit using several small platforms hovering over it though.
  7. In the last room you will find a Infused Empyrean Blood Golem, several Ley Lines, and a bunch of NPC corpses of humanoid diamond golems (Corpse of a Servitor of Asheron). Click the Ley Line, it will ask you if you want to hand it your Inert Mucor.
    • Warning: Do Not Stand in the Ley Line, it does massive amounts of damage to you.
    • Note: If no other player had turned in Inert Mucor in the last 24 hours a global message would have resulted and the mana barrier in Asheron's Defender quest would have fallen for 24 hours.
    • Also note that the first time that you do the quest the xp reward is higher and the NPC interactions are slightly different.
  8. Once you have the Enhanced Mucor you have several choices of what to do with it. You can|
    • Turn it into Torgluuk for 5% of your XP to level (32,891,181 max, level 179+)
    • Save it for a quest like the Colosseum then eat it for its beneficial spell.
    • Use it to craft one of the Mucor Enhanced Weapons.

Crafting a Mucor Enhanced Weapon

  1. Purchase the weapon you'd like to enhance from Dobblar in Kor-Gursha.
  2. Using Alchemy, use an Alembic on the Enhanced Mucor to create Alembic Mucor.
  3. Use the Alembic Mucor on the type of salvage of your choice (No skill check)|
    1. Melee Weapons: Use Alembic Mucor on Salvaged Granite to create Mucor-altered Granite.
    2. Missile Weapons: Use Alembic Mucor on Salvaged Mahogany to create Mucor-altered Mahogany.
    3. Magic Caster: Use Alembic Mucor on Salvaged Opal to create Mucor-altered Opal.
  4. Using either Weapon Tinkering (melee, missile weapons), or Magic Item Tinkering (wand), apply the bag of altered salvage to the weapon you purchased from Dobblar to create a Channeling Weapon.
    • Warning: 681 buffed skill yields a 98% chance. Make sure your tinkerer is buffed.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Southern Catacombs N/A 00D4 00D4.jpg --
Upper Catacombs N/A -- --
Ley Line Cavern N/A -- --


Enhance the Mucor in the Ley Line
Experience: 140,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Quest Repeat: 98,673,543 (180% up to level 15)
Give Enhanced Mucor to Torgluuk
Experience: 32,891,181 (5% up to level 180)


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Opening Dialog

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "I see that you are aware of the upper catacomb. Doubtless, you are also aware of the mana barrier within and what lays beyond? I have mused on how to remove the barrier, and I think I have a way. Listen closely."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "The mana barrier must be powered, and most likely that power comes from what you term "ley lines". Asheron has told me of these things, and the Ruuk have in fact encountered them on occasion. The Falatacot have manipulated the ley lines of this world in the past for their own purposes, often eventually causing upheaval. I believe this is what has caused earthquakes and other disasters in the past."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "You may have heard of mucor - the fungus that the shamans of the Burun consume for its power and recollection to the past? It does not begin as safe for consumption - it must be prepared. I think that if you were to siphon a small part of the power of the ley line into some inert mucor, it may disrupt the mana barrier for a short period of time - perhaps a day. By doing this, you would also be helping to stabilize our world by minimizing the ley line's potential energy. Finally, you would then have some enhanced mucor of your own."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "The ley line exists in a chamber off of the upper catacomb. There will be a Falatacot statue along the southern edge of the catacomb. If you focus upon it and put into your mind the image of a cavern with a great glowing line, you will reach your destination."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Be warned that one can only enhance mucor safely every so often. I would recommend that you wait fourteen days after you enhance your mucor."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "I would take the enhanced mucor if you were to bring it to me. I cannot demand it of you, though. I also cannot tell you what effect enhanced mucor may have on your - you would have to try it for yourself. Finally, I'm told our weaponcrafter, Kuurak, has some ideas on how enhanced mucor might be used in weaponcrafting. Speak to him for more information on that."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha gives you Inert Mucor.

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Take this. But heed my warning. Do not consume it before you have prepared it within the ley line. It has a generally fatal effect on our people and, which you are different, I suspect it would harm you as well."
Opening Dialog (Quest Repeats)

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "The smell of preparing mucor has faded from you - I can still tell you have ever done it, but it should be safe for you to go again. The cavern of the ley line is reached through one of the statues alogn the southern edge of the upper catacomb."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha gives you Inert Mucor.

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Here is some more inert mucor. Once again, do not consume it until it is prepared - it is dangerous otherwise."
Receiving more Inert Mucor

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Greetings to you who would help us. I can give you no more information except what I have already told you. If you have lost your inert mucor, however, I can give you more."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Here, take this."

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha gives you Inert Mucor.

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Remember, mucor can be dangerous, even to Burun - do not consume it while it has not been properly prepared, and do not try to prepare more than one piece of mucor within a two week period or grave consequences may result. You should be safe to prepare mucor currently."
Giving Inert Mucor to a Ley Line

You observe the glowing line from afar, then consider the inert mucor you have in your backpack.

You hand over 1 of your Inert Mucor.

You insert the mucor very cautiously into the ley line, being careful not to put your hand in.

Because the mana barrier is down, you determine that enhancing your mucor will have no effect upon it.

You begin the familiar process of preparing your mucor. In a few moments, it is ready and you remove it from the ley line.

Ley Line gives you Enhanced Mucor.

You've earned 65,782,362 experience.
Handing in Enhanced Mucor to Torgluuk

You give Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha Enhanced Mucor.

Torgluuk, High Shaman of Kor-Gursha tells you, "Thank you. I shall put this to good use - save it for a time of need, rather than consuming it incessantly as the Kukuur do."

You've earned 32,891,181 experience.

Update History

Rekindling the Light

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.

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