Introduced:  The Madness of Men Related Quests:  Decrepit Tower Quest
Excavation Directions
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 10
  • 3 of 3 pages full.
  • Directions given to the group of Zharalim Explorers searching for the newly discovered bulwark north west of Zaikhal.

Our spies within the Order of the Raven Hand have noted an interest in a recently discovered tower north west of the city of Zaikhal.

Therefore, the Shagar Zharala requests that a team of our best scholars be dispatched to this tower to learn its secrets before the Raven Hand does.

Ufet in Zaikhal has offered to hold whatever belongings you may not need in the forests while on your expedition. After replenishing

your supplies, leave the city and travel north-by-northwest.

Aim to travel through the area where a small outpost once lay. It was destroyed by the Gotrok, but they are of little concern and not worth our time.

From there, proceed on to the hills and travel west. There is a bulwark nearby that may be able to provide lodging for a bit, and there is a portal back to Zaikhal there should you need it.

Continuing further west, past the banderling encampment, you should be able to see the tower atop an inaccessible hill.

You will need to employ some ingenuity to get access to the tower but you will no doubt have little trouble.

Report your findings within the tower as soon as you are able.


You give Ufet, Prophet of Blades Excavation Directions.

Ufet, Prophet of Blades tells you, "Ah! Yes! That was where they were headed. Thank you for finding this! Where did you find it?"

As Ufet looks over the note, you relate to him how you found it.

Ufet, Prophet of Blades tells you, "I see. The shreth have always been known to be vicious."

Ufet, Prophet of Blades tells you, "Thank you for this little bit of information, but I will need something more from you in order to reward you for your efforts."