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Fetish of the Dark Idols Quest
Level: 45
Type: Solo
Starts At: Shimena Keep
Route: Aerlinthe Isle
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to gain a Fetish of the Dark Idols that can be applied to any missile weapon (Bow, Crossbow, or Atlatl) to give it the Magic Absorbing property.

  • Warning: Applying the Fetish of the Dark Idols will also reduce the Melee Defense modifier on your missile weapon by 10%.
  • There are several ways to do this quest, however, the fastest way is to collect all 3 trophies before talking to any NPCs.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Optional: Use the Floating Bottle on the shoreline south west of Qalaba'r at at 74.7S, 9.9E to receive a A Soggy Note.
  2. From Aerlinthe Isle, run to Shimena Keep and kill Ancient Diamond Golems until you find a Ancient Diamond Idol.
  3. From Redspire, head to the Northern Ahurenga Plains Portal at 40.9N, 83.5W and kill Great Elariwood Golems until you find a Great Elariwood Idol.
  4. Head to the Ithaenc Island and kill Blood Fiends until you find a Warding Ring.
  5. From Aphus Lassel, run to Kleeoh at 2.5S 86.5E and hand her your Warding Ring. She will return your ring and give you a Vial of Black Blood.
  6. Kill Infected Assailers nearby until you find some Infected Assailer Fur.
    • Tip: Can be found around 0.9S 85.5E
  7. Return to Kleeoh at 2.5S 86.5E and give her the Infected Assailer Fur (she will return it to you).
  8. Head to Neydisa Castle and use the Infected Assailer Fur on the Loom inside the castle to create some Woven Tusker Fur.
  9. Combine the Woven Tusker Fur with the Vial of Black Blood to create a Blood-soaked Cord.
  10. Combine the Ancient Diamond Idol with the Blood-soaked Cord to create an Incomplete Fetish of the Dark Idols.
  11. Combine the Great Elariwood Idol with the Incomplete Fetish of the Dark Idols to create an Unfinished Fetish of the Dark Idols.
  12. Head to the Lighthouse Hermit at 25.8S, 46.9W and hand him your Unfinished Fetish of the Dark Idols. He will hand you back a completed Fetish of the Dark Idols.
  13. Apply the Fetish of the Dark Idols to any missile weapon (Bow, Crossbow, or Atlatl) to give it the Magic Absorbing property.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Shimena Keep 91.6N, 49.6E -- --





Lighthouse Hermit

The hermit's eyes grow wide as he begins to speak.
The old hermit shifts his position, and begins to talk with a slow and deliberate voice.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Ah, I do remember now. I didn't think it would take this long, but no matter - you are here. If you will but listen to my story, I will reveal a great secret to you.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "I once was the greatest and most feared arbalister in all of Dereth. I once had everything a man could want from this life, and I have enjoyed all that I have experienced over the long years.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "But decades of adventure and excitement have caught up finally, I'm afraid. I find myself unable to see the bull's-eye any longer, thanks to the slow dimming of my sight. And more often than not I find the string to be too powerful for these feeble hands to draw or load.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "However, a ghost of the past still stirs in this old body. And before death's final arrow tears through the dark night in search of this weary target, I must see to it that my secret becomes known -- it is with you I entrust this knowledge.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "I have seen with my own eyes the devastating power of magic; how easily a burning fireball can send the most skilled archer to his demise!
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "It has long been said: "The only way to combat magic is with stronger magic." Before you sits an old man who has come to understand what this truly means.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "I obtained certain artifacts and studied about old, forgotten magic. I devised for myself a way to empower my crossbow with a powerful, arcane device - a fetish, one might call it.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Any missile weapon may be empowered similarly. Be warned - the magic is strong, and thus irreversible by any process I know of. I will tell you all I can remember soon enough. But today I have talked long enough."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Travel now to Aerlinthe Island. Find the old ones, the ancient diamond behemoths roaming that enchanted, volcanic isle. Retrieve the ancient diamond relic, and return to me. I should more clearly see the past when I am again holding a piece of it.

Showing the Ancient Diamond Idol to Lighthouse Hermit

You allow Lighthouse Hermit to examine your Ancient Diamond Idol.
The hermit's eyes grow wide as he looks at the diamond relic.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "So you found the golems then? I trust they did not give you too much trouble -- I see a stout and strong dead-eye when I look into your eyes!"
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Do not lose this priceless artifact. You will need to harness the magical, protective power found within it -- eventually."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Ah, but you have so much to do yet. Let us not delay any longer! You must venture to the Itheanc Cathedral, in the Veseyan Islands. The horrible fleshless dead, the blood fiends, have a most precious treasure in their possession -- a bright, silvery ring."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "You must find this ring, for it contains a most vital magical element."

Showing the Warding Ring to Lighthouse Hermit

You allow Lighthouse Hermit to examine your Warding Ring.
The hermit rolls the ring back and forth in his hand slowly, thinking deeply about the past.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "A warding ring..."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Long ago I took a ring identical to this one from the charred and burning hand of a fiend. That time seems unreal to me now, beyond my grasp in memory."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "I do remember some of the important details, though. This ring conceals a small glass vial containing blood. You will need this foul fluid."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "There is no way for either of us to remove the vial from the ring, I'm afraid. But there is one who can -- one who knows of the darker magics."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "You must locate the seer that calls the wild jungles of Aphus Lassel her home, and show this ring to her."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "She will know what to do, and she will help you."

Showing Infected Assailer Fur to Kleeoh

You allow Kleeoh to examine your Infected Assailer Fur.
Kleeoh twists a small lock of fur out of the reeking, moist clump, and tucks it away. She hands the rest back to you.
Kleeoh tells you, "You got a lot dere. I only take what I need, and no more."
Kleeoh tells you, "I hope you and dat old hermit know what you doing! Evil maka like this needs a strong bond, and dis big wooly fur is a good start - but I do not know how you will create such a thing."

Showing Infected Assailer Fur to Lighthouse Hermit

You allow Lighthouse Hermit to examine your Infected Assailer Fur.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Oh, what an awful smell! I remember this stench more than ever! I hope the experience did not make you too ill."
The old hermit thinks hard for a few moments.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "I remember...I took the fur somewhere, and it was fashioned into a sturdy piece of rope, or cord if you will."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "I am sorry, but I cannot recall how this was accomplished. You will have to figure out a way to bind or weave this fur."

Handing in Unfinished Fetish of the Dark Idols to Lighthouse Hermit

You give Lighthouse Hermit Unfinished Fetish of the Dark Idols.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "You are truly a hunter worthy of this powerful magic fetish. I have no doubt that you are excited to head out and t--"
The hermit stutters, then begins to laugh loudly.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "Aha! It's a good thing you showed this to me. You did not properly secure the idols to the cord!"
The hermit rebinds the cord to both idols, using a method of tying you have never seen before.
Lighthouse Hermit gives you Fetish of the Dark Idols.
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "There you are. It took some effort, but I have fixed it for you."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "You have done well. I am very content in the knowledge that the secret will not die with me now."
Lighthouse Hermit tells you, "One final request: Tell no one of what you have learned from me!"

Update History

Treaties in Stone

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.

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