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Fiun Exemplar

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The Fiun are slender, frail creatures. They look very similar to one another; so similar that it is quite difficult to tell them apart. They wear robes of exceedingly intricate patterns and vibrant colors. Their eyes are large and black and quite hypnotic. You have to remember to look away from time to time when speaking to them, lest you lose yourself in those eyes. Their pale, grayish skin has an eerie, mystical quality. And what's even stranger on this world of violence and death is that they carry no weapons.

They demonstrate a startling command of the Roulean language, though their phrasings are a bit stilted. They are pleasant as well, full of warmth and emotion.

The Fiun Rehgus was considered by many to be the greatest mage in the Fiun world. He was the one who crafted magical cures for the plagues that ravaged their lands. He was the one who taught others the means by which they extended their lives for centuries. And he was the one that stopped the "fire that fell from the sky." But Rehgus' failing was his obsession with the creation of life. His failed experiment resulted in the creation of the Eaters. Beasts that find most delectable a special gland unique to the Fiun race. Removal of the gland causes madness and led to the wholesale enslavement of the Fiun by King Varrici in order to slake the appetites of his ravenous pets. This explains the hoards of maddened and crazed Fiun that wander the Isle of Ruin.

See The Fall of the Fiun for complete details.


Name Lvl XP Melee Def Missile Def Magic Def Health Loot Trophies
Atavistic Fiun 85 27500 315 3 Maddened Fiun Heart Icon
Cannibal Fiun 95 54000 325 4
Crazed Fiun 44 5500 108 2
Demented Fiun 85 27000 363 285 3
Deranged Fiun 95 54000 295 4
Fiun Abayar 135 2095 6 Abayar's Research Notes Icon
Fiun Assistant 135 116805 389 595 6
Frenzied Fiun 115 83370 350 400 5 Ancient Empyrean Trinket Icon Fiun Head Icon
Lunnum 185 215000 725 200000 6 Ritual Chest Key Icon
Maddened Fiun 35 3500 98 2
Maniacal Fiun 135 115000 399 595 6
Mini Fiun 22 0 73 1
Raving Fiun 70 19228 264 185 2

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Note: Fiun Outpost is a town of Fiun NPCs.

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