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August 2004 - Announcements Page

Game Changes

  • Aerlinthe revisions
    • Spawn Distributions updated with the island now aimed at characters of between levels 40-80. See the official distribution map for the different spawn areas.
    • New more difficult version of Lady Aerfalle introduced along with a quest mechanic to alternate between the easy version and the new version.
  • Other changes:

New Quests

Updated Quests

New NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Guardian's Uniform Icon Guardian's UniformAerfalle's Supreme Pallium Icon Aerfalle's Supreme PalliumSwamp Lord's War Paint Icon Swamp Lord's War PaintGromnie Hide Boots Icon Gromnie Hide BootsRuddy Gromnie Hide Icon Ruddy Gromnie HideGromnie Hide Gauntlets Icon Gromnie Hide GauntletsThin Gromnie Hide Icon Thin Gromnie HideGromnie Hide Helmet Icon Gromnie Hide HelmetIvory Gromnie Hide Icon Ivory Gromnie HideGromnie Hide Leggings Icon Gromnie Hide LeggingsDurable Gromnie Hide Icon Durable Gromnie HideGromnie Hide Coat Icon Gromnie Hide CoatThick Gromnie Hide Icon Thick Gromnie HideGromnie Hide Amuli Coat Icon Gromnie Hide Amuli CoatSturdy Gromnie Hide Icon Sturdy Gromnie HideGromnie Hide Amuli Leggings Icon Gromnie Hide Amuli LeggingsHardy Gromnie Hide Icon Hardy Gromnie HideHeavy Gromnie Hide Coat Icon Heavy Gromnie Hide CoatResilient Gromnie Hide Icon Resilient Gromnie HideHeavy Gromnie Hide Leggings Icon Heavy Gromnie Hide LeggingsRugged Gromnie Hide Icon Rugged Gromnie HideTurquoise Winged Helmet Icon Turquoise Winged HelmetAzure Gromnie Wings Icon Azure Gromnie WingsLustrous Winged Leggings Icon Lustrous Winged LeggingsIvory Gromnie Wings Icon Ivory Gromnie WingsDusky Winged Coat Icon Dusky Winged CoatAsh Gromnie Wings Icon Ash Gromnie WingsRuddy Winged Boots Icon Ruddy Winged BootsRust Gromnie Wings Icon Rust Gromnie WingsAmethyst Oculus Icon Amethyst OculusAmethyst Gromnie Eye Icon Amethyst Gromnie EyeEmerald Oculus Icon Emerald OculusEmerald Gromnie Eye Icon Emerald Gromnie EyeRuby Oculus Icon Ruby OculusRuby Gromnie Eye Icon Ruby Gromnie EyeSapphire Oculus Icon Sapphire OculusSapphire Gromnie Eye Icon Sapphire Gromnie EyeAshen Oculus Icon Ashen OculusAdolescent Ash Gromnie Eye Icon Adolescent Ash Gromnie EyeTeal Oculus Icon Teal OculusAdolescent Azure Gromnie Eye Icon Adolescent Azure Gromnie EyeIvory Oculus Icon Ivory Oculus Chest Brown Icon An Old Chest (Mossy Cave)Chest Brown Icon Mosswart ChestLady of Aerlinthe's Ornate Chest Icon Lady of Aerlinthe's Ornate Chest Silken Wrap Icon Silken WrapAphus Wading Pants Icon Aphus Wading PantsAphus Lounging Shirt Icon Aphus Lounging Shirt Aphus Sun Guard Icon Aphus Sun Guard A Carved Mosswart Statue Icon A Carved Mosswart StatueBlueprints for a Burun Fortress Icon Blueprints for a Burun Fortress Mages Loop Icon Mages LoopClasp of the Arm Icon Clasp of the ArmClasp of the Heart Icon Clasp of the HeartRing of Enchantment Icon Ring of EnchantmentRing of Enhancement Icon Ring of EnhancementLeerargh's Necklace Icon Leerargh's Necklace A Musty Key Icon A Musty KeyA Smelly Key Icon A Smelly KeyOrnate Ashen Key Icon Ornate Ashen Key King Toad Idol Icon King Toad IdolMosswart Enchantment Idol Icon Mosswart Enchantment Idol Mire Witch Loincloth Icon Mire Witch LoinclothNecklace of Leerargh Icon Necklace of LeerarghHand of Vagurat Icon Hand of VaguratSpear of Kreerg Icon Spear of KreergEye of Drageerg Icon Eye of DrageergMosswart War Paint Icon Mosswart War PaintMire Witch's Loincloth Icon Mire Witch's LoinclothUnusable Scroll Icon Unusable ScrollAzure Gromnie Tooth Brush Icon Azure Gromnie Tooth BrushBrass Gromnie Tooth Brush Icon Brass Gromnie Tooth BrushCopper Gromnie Tooth Brush Icon Copper Gromnie Tooth BrushAzure Gromnie Tooth Paste Icon Azure Gromnie Tooth PasteBrass Gromnie Tooth Paste Icon Brass Gromnie Tooth PasteCopper Gromnie Tooth Paste Icon Copper Gromnie Tooth PasteAzure Gromnie Tooth Pick Icon Azure Gromnie Tooth PickBrass Gromnie Tooth Pick Icon Brass Gromnie Tooth PickCopper Gromnie Tooth Pick Icon Copper Gromnie Tooth PickEbon Gromnie Tooth Brush Icon Ebon Gromnie Tooth BrushRust Gromnie Tooth Brush Icon Rust Gromnie Tooth BrushSable Gromnie Tooth Brush Icon Sable Gromnie Tooth BrushEbon Gromnie Tooth Paste Icon Ebon Gromnie Tooth PasteRust Gromnie Tooth Paste Icon Rust Gromnie Tooth PasteSable Gromnie Tooth Paste Icon Sable Gromnie Tooth PasteEbon Gromnie Tooth Pick Icon Ebon Gromnie Tooth PickRust Gromnie Tooth Pick Icon Rust Gromnie Tooth PickSable Gromnie Tooth Pick Icon Sable Gromnie Tooth Pick Scroll of Lesser Sanctifier of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Lesser Sanctifier of the ClutchScroll of Lesser Guardian of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Lesser Guardian of the ClutchScroll of Lesser Warden of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Lesser Warden of the ClutchScroll of Inferior Warden of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Inferior Warden of the ClutchScroll of Inferior Guardian of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Inferior Guardian of the ClutchScroll of Inferior Sanctifier of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Inferior Sanctifier of the ClutchScroll of Potent Sanctifier of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Potent Sanctifier of the ClutchScroll of Potent Guardian of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Potent Guardian of the ClutchScroll of Potent Warden of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Potent Warden of the ClutchScroll of Warden of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Warden of the ClutchScroll of Guardian of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Guardian of the ClutchScroll of Sanctifier of the Clutch Icon Scroll of Sanctifier of the Clutch Directions to the Lugian Citadels Icon Directions to the Lugian CitadelsA Missive Icon A MissiveText Icon Book Interview with the MosswartReport to Niarltah Icon Report to NiarltahUntranslated Writing Icon Untranslated WritingText Icon Parchment Note to TorgluukText Icon Parchment Of the Burun Azure Gromnie Tooth Icon Azure Gromnie ToothBrass Gromnie Tooth Icon Brass Gromnie ToothCopper Gromnie Tooth Icon Copper Gromnie ToothEbon Gromnie Tooth Icon Ebon Gromnie ToothRust Gromnie Tooth Icon Rust Gromnie ToothSable Gromnie Tooth Icon Sable Gromnie Tooth Azure Tooth Atlatl Dart Icon Azure Tooth Atlatl DartBrass Knuckles Icon Brass KnucklesCopper Cutlass Icon Copper CutlassEbon Tooth Katar Icon Ebon Tooth KatarRuddy Tooth Spiketail Icon Ruddy Tooth SpiketailSable Tooth Dirk Icon Sable Tooth DirkWar Staff of Aerfalle Icon War Staff of AerfalleSuperior Ashbane Icon Superior AshbaneKreerg's Spear Icon Kreerg's SpearVagurat's Hand Icon Vagurat's HandThe Eye of Drageerg Icon The Eye of Drageerg

Updated Items

New Spells

New Creatures

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Ghost Icon Ghost

Golem Icon Golem

Burun Icon Burun

Wisp Icon Wisp

Fire Elemental Icon Fire Elemental

No Class Icon No Class

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Undead Icon Undead

Updated Creatures

New Dialog

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "Monty seemed to be complaining about Ketnan and his guile the other day. I wonder what he meant."

Town Crier tells you, "I wonder if the High Queen means to rebuild Yanshi. The town has certainly been more bustling since the arrival of the Burun."

Town Crier tells you, "I cannot verify if it is true, but I've heard that Shimena Keep has been overrun."

Town Crier tells you, "Did you hear that we might make a treaty with the Mosswarts? Has the high Queen gone mad? Does she not remember what they did to Sir Candeth Martine?"

Town Crier tells you, "Be cautious if you plan to make your way to Aerlinthe Island. There are reports that tell of new menaces and challenges."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you been to the Direlands recently? I've heard that the swamp is starting to change. I wonder if it has anything to do with those big Burun that have been spotted. If I find that Kalazar..."

Town Crier tells you, "What color hair do you think Lady Aerfalle had, has, oh never mind?"

Town Crier tells you, "News! The Master Craftsmen of Glenden Wood have sent more of their young apprentices in the world. All those who wish to further their artisanal skills should contact the apprentices to discover what new crafting tests are available."

Town Crier tells you, "Just yesterday I saw someone run by with wings on his back. I don't know whether they were real, or merely something tacked on to the back of his armor. Maybe you should look into that."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard tell that there is an eerie presence that now lurks the halls of Lady Aerfalle's Keep. I wonder if it is another malignant entity?"

Town Crier tells you, "An emissary of High Queen Elysa has taken up residence in the bar in Yanshi. Apparently she is looking for assistance in learning as much as we can about the new Burun and the growing threat that they pose."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you seen it!? It's huge! It smells foul and no one can seem to figure out what it is meant to be. But it was certainly made quickly and quietly. Those large Burun are very frightening if you ask me. You might want to stay out of the Direlands Swamp unless you are looking for trouble or worse."

Town Crier tells you, "Do you remember that little Mosswart fellow that was looking for help a little while back? Well, he's back. He's living in Yanshi and asking for our help. Apparently he has made some kind of deal with High Queen Elysa."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard a rumor that the temple that was found last moon contains more than we originally found. I wonder if it is true?"

Town Crier tells you, "In my free time I've been undergoing the tests set forth by the Apprentice craftsmen. I'm well on my way to becoming a skilled fletcher! And my purse is filled with pyreal as well."

Town Crier tells you, "Need a vassal? I won't ask for much just some tinkered armor and maybe a tinkered weapon. Oh and maybe a few MMD trade notes, or maybe some golem hearts, wasp wings, armoredillo spines, lugian sinews, dark revenant thigh bones, full sturdy iron key rings, full singularity key rings, or anything else that you don't need."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

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