Introduced:  Waking From the Abyss Related Quests:  See Below Updated:  Cold Tracks
Frost Haven Live


The Snowman village of Frost Haven is located in the Linvak Mountain Range next to Mount Ingot.


Related Quests


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mount Ingot 67.7S, 25.5E -- 6448


NPC Name Location Type Details
Chef Pleist 68.5S, 25.4E Quest Snowman Village
David 68.6S, 25.4E Quest Crystal Core Quest
Elijah 68.5S, 25.5E Quest A Huge Lump of Coal, Pet Penguin Quest, Snowman Village
Emma 68.6S, 25.4E Quest Snowman Village
Nip 68.6S, 25.3E Quest Snowman Village
Numb 68.6S, 25.3E Quest Snowman Village
Robert 68.6S, 25.5E Quest Snowman Village
Sam 68.6S, 25.4E Quest Snowman Village
The Mayor 68.6S, 25.4E Quest Assault on Frost Haven, Snowman Village


Creatures that are commonly found in the area during the Winter season:

Snowman Icon Snowman

Art & Images

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