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Level: 180
Society Rank: Initiate
Type: Locked Fellowship
Starts With: Gauntlet Ticket Vendor
Starts At: Celestial Hand Gauntlet
Eldrytch Web Gauntlet
Radiant Blood Gauntlet
Time to Complete: 1 hour
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • Enter either the Celestial Hand Gauntlet, Eldrytch Web Gauntlet or Radiant Blood Gauntlet
  • Important: Rare gems are not allowed - you will not be able to enter the Gauntlet if you have a Rare gem in your inventory. Any active creature, or life magic rares will also be dispelled upon entry;Item magic rares (ex: Pearl of Blood Drinking) will not be dispelled. However, you can enter with Spectral Rares.
  • There are three distinct dungeons accessed in front of each society stronghold but you can enter any one of them irrespective of what society you belong to.
  • You may also enter if you do not belong to any Society, however you will not be able to access the Gauntlet Bosses.
  • To initiate the event one must be in the society hosting the event rooms.
  • Each Society may have two concurrent groups attempting the event at the same time for a total of six possible concurrent groups.
  • There are Gauntlet Bosses that can be accessed after you complete a certain number of stages.
  • Required Slayers: Virindi, Tumerok, Mukkir, Olthoi, Shadow and Burun.


Here is a rough set of notes. Note that some spawn information is incomplete and so is the detailed breakdown of the spawn waves:

Most stages have 4 waves of spawns. An exception is stage 5. Recommended group composition is as many missile and void hybrids as possible, with secondary consideration to specialized life mages.

  • Note: You must use the exit door to have completed a room. For example, killing the spawn in room 2 then using the door and entering room 3 counts as having beaten 2.

Stage 1
Spawn 1 - Hollow Pawns, Corrosive Archer
Spawn 2 - Hollow Pawns, Virindi Rival, Corrosive Archer
Spawn 3 - Virindi Rival, Tumerok Savage
Spawn 4 - Tumerok Savage
Kill priority: Corrosive Archer >Tumerok Savage > Virindi Rival > Hollow Pawns

  • Tumeroks are extremely vulnerable to lightning damage. CS melee and missile weapons are very effective and recommended over slayers.
  • Virindi are vulnerable to lightning and fire.

Stage 2
Spawn 1 - Virindi Rival, Hollow Pawns, Corrosive Archer
Spawn 2 - Lugian Launcher
Spawn 3 - Virindi Rival, Lugian Launcher
Spawn 4 - Hollow Pawns, Lugian Launcher
Kill priority: Lugian Launcher > Virindi Rival > Hollow Pawns

  • Lugians have very high magic resistance. It is recommended all mages use spectral life rares, and then imp and lightning vuln. Missile/Melees should use CS lightning weapons, or a rend.

Stage 3
Spawn 1 - Torment Wisps, Corrosive Archer
Spawn 2 - Torment Wisps
Spawn 3 - Torment Wisps
Spawn 4 - Torment Wisps, Corrosive Archer
Kill priority: Corrosive Archer > Torment Wisps > Hollow Pawns

  • Wisps should be imperiled and pierce vuled (slash does comparable damage). Melees and archers should us a slash or pierce AR weapon.
  • Adding an acid vuln to increase summoned pets' effectiveness is recommended.

Stage 4
Spawn 1 - Lugian Launcher, Corrosive Archer
Spawn 2 - Tracking Fireball, Vicious Remoran Sapper
Spawn 3 - Hollow Pawns, Vicious Remoran Sapper
Spawn 4 - Vicious Remoran Sapper
Kill priority: Vicious Remoran Sapper > Virindi Rival > Hollow Pawns

  • Do not stand in SW corner as a group of remoran spawns there.
  • Remoran stand still and chain-cast war spells. Bring lots of dispell gems for this room.
  • Remoran should NOT be vuled; they should be imperiled.
  • Melee/Missiles should use a blunt or fire rend. Mages should focus on imperils, and then use arcs (void) or TuskerFists (war).

Stage 5
Spawn 1 - Pike Grievver, Grievver Darter
Kill priority:Pike Grievver > Grievver Darter

  • Upon entering, your group will be split (at random) between two separate rooms. You will only be able to return to the same room you started in if you die or recall so each group is responsible for clearing their own room.
  • Grievvers should be imperiled and slash vulned. Melee/Missiles should use a slash Armor Rending weapon. War mages should use CS slash.
  • The door is triggered by killing all of the Pike Grievvers in each room. When a Pike Grievver dies two Grievver Darters spawn. You can ignore them.
  • The room is small, and has a central column. Flame waves shoot along the outer edges of the room so don't stand there.

Stage 6
Spawn 1 - Vibrant Shadow, Virindi Rival
Spawn 2 - Vibrant Shadow, Virindi Rival
Spawn 3 - Vibrant Shadow, Virindi Rival
Spawn 4 - Hollow Pawns, Vibrant Shadow, Virindi Rival
Kill priority: Vibrant Shadow > Virindi Rival

  • Void mages should focus on the shadows using slayer the whole time.
  • Shadows should not be imperiled or vuled as they counter protect. Even so, all damage types besides nether and offensive life magic appear to do little damage.
  • War mages, melees and archers should kill the Virindi and Hollows, then use sladow slayers wands and offensive life magic on the shadows.

Stage 7
Spawn 1 - Mukkir Predator, Ruuk Ranger
Spawn 2 - Mukkir Predator, Guruk Grunt
Spawn 3 - 2 Guruk Grunts, 2 Ruuk Ranger
Spawn 4 - 2 Guruk Grunts, 2 Ruuk Ranger
Kill priority: Mukkir Predator > Ruuk Ranger > Guruk Grunt

  • Guruk Grunts are resistant to all damage unless they become vulnerable, which appears to occur at random. A level up animation plays, and there is a green chat message. Everyone should switch on them at this point and ignore other spawns.
  • Guruk Ruuk cast a high damage bludge volley (forward cone attack). It does 250-300 damage. A level up animation is played, and there is a chat warning when this occurs.
  • Void mages should focus on the burun at all times, Ruuk until Guruk becomes vulnerable and then switch to Guruk. Use burun slayer and nether blast.
  • Burun are immune to life vulns and destructive curse.
  • Non-mages should use Burun slayer wands and offensive life magic (tugaks and hecatombs) on the burun, which have no magic resistance when vulnerable. War mages should use Soul Bound (or another rend). Void mages should also use Burun Slayer wands with void blasts/rings/arcs.
  • Due to extremely high health (~150k) the burun take a very long time to kill. Unclear if there's a better strategy.

Stage 8
Spawn 1 - Crazed Olthoi, Hollow Pawns
Spawn 2 - Crazed Olthoi
Spawn 3 - Crazed Olthoi
Spawn 4 - Crazed Olthoi, Virindi
Kill priority: Crazed Olthoi > Hollow Pawn

  • Mages should Imperil and bludge vuln all olthoi. Melee/Missile should us CS blunt weapons
  • All magics do very little damage, and should focus on imperil/vulns and the virindi/hollows.

Stage 9
Spawn 1 - Tusker Heavers
Spawn 2 - Tusker Heavers, 1 Tundra Tusker, 2 Defensive Crystals
Spawn 3 - 2 Tundra Tuskers, 2 Defensive Crystals
Spawn 4 - 4 Tundra Tuskers, 2 Defensive Crystals
Kill priority: Tundra Tusker > Crystal Shard > Tusker Heaver

  • Crystal Shards have 50k HP and cannot be Tusker Fisted
  • Tundra Tuskers are vulnerable to void and offensive life magic. All chars should focus on them until they're all dead before killing the Crystal Shards and/or Baby Snow Tuckers.

Stage 10
Spawn 1 - Stinging Armoredillos
Spawn 2 - Stinging Armoredillos
Kill priority: Stinging Armoredillos

  • Armordillos have extremely high magic resistance. A spectral life magic rare is recommended for all non archer/melees who should focus all their effort into landing an imperil
  • Armordillos appear to have a shield-like effect when being hit in the front. Arranging your fellow so half of your archers/melees are always hitting them in the back is recommended.

Stage 11
Spawn 1 - Wight Sages
Spawn 2 - Wight Sages
Spawn 3 - Wight Sages, Vibrant Shadows
Spawn 2 - Wight Sages, Vibrant Shadows, Stinging Armoredillos, Lugian Launchers, Torment Wisps
Kill Priority: Lugian Launchers > Torment Wisps > Vibrant Shadows > Stinging Armoredillos > Wight Sages

  • Wight Sages have low-AL shields
  • Armordillos have extremely high magic resistance. A spectral life magic rare is recommended for all non archer/melees who should focus all their effort into landing an imperil
  • Armordillos appear to have a shield-like effect when being hit in the front. Arranging your fellow so half of your archers/melees are always hitting them in the back is recommended.

Stage 12
Spawn 1 - Blade Lieutenants
Spawn 2 - Blade Lieutenants, Blade Captains
Spawn 3 - Blade Captains, Blade Champions
Spawn 4 - Blade Captains, Blade Champions, Crazed Olthoi Vicious Remoran Sapper, Guruk Grunt, Ruuk Ranger, Tumerok Savage
Kill priotity: Blade Lieutenants > Blade Captains > Blade Champions

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Celestial Hand Gauntlet 39.7S, 83.6E -- --
Eldrytch Web Gauntlet 24.7N, 49.4E -- --
Radiant Blood Gauntlet 12.8N, 0.7E -- --


Room Title XP Luminance Coins Keys Mini-Boss Access
1 None  ??
(??% up to level ??)
2,500 None None None
2 None 50,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
5,000 None None None
3 None 50,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
7,500 None None None
4 None  ??
(??% up to level ??)
10,000 None None None
5 Coin Collector 100,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
12,500 Gauntlet Coin (1) None None
6 Society Savage 125,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
15,000 Gauntlet Coin (1) Gauntlet Treasure Key (1) None
7 Brutal Barbarian 150,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
17,500 Gauntlet Coin (2) Gauntlet Treasure Key (1) None
8 Soldier of Fortune 200,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
20,000 Gauntlet Coin (3) Gauntlet Treasure Key (1) Access granted to Gauntlet Boss Tremb'Orh
9 Wily Warrior 300,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
30,000 Gauntlet Coin (3) Gauntlet Treasure Key (2) None
10 Gauntlet Gladiator 350,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
35,000 Gauntlet Coin (4) Gauntlet Treasure Key (2) Access granted to Gauntlet Boss Holcha
11 Bloodthirsty 350,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
50,000 Gauntlet Coin (4) Gauntlet Treasure Key (3) None
12 Gauntlet Champion 500,000,000
(??% up to level ??)
65,000 Gauntlet Coin (5) Gauntlet Vault Key Access to the Gauntlet Boss the Gromnus Champion after 10 completions.
Gauntlet Rewards
Gauntlet Treasure Key Icon Gauntlet Treasure KeyGauntlet Vault Key Icon Gauntlet Vault KeyGauntlet Coin Icon Gauntlet CoinScroll of Radiant Blood Recall Icon Scroll of Radiant Blood RecallScroll of Eldrytch Web Recall Icon Scroll of Eldrytch Web RecallScroll of Celestial Hand Recall Icon Scroll of Celestial Hand Recall
Gauntlet Vault Rewards
Brown Society Locket Icon Brown Society LocketYellow Society Locket Icon Yellow Society LocketGreen Society Band Icon Green Society BandBlue Society Band Icon Blue Society BandRed Society Band Icon Red Society BandPurple Society Band Icon Purple Society Band


Click image for full size version.


Master of the Gauntlet says, "Arena One is now available for new warriors!"

Rewards Dialog

Completing Stage 7

Master of the Gauntlet gives you Gauntlet Treasure Key

You've earned 150,000,000 experience.

You've earned 17,500 Luminance.

You have won two Gauntlet Coins!

Master of the Gauntlet gives you 2 Gauntlet Coins.

Update History

Spring 2014

  • Quest introduced.

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