Gervena the Oblique
Non-Player Killer
Gervena the Oblique Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Trophy Collector
Location 31.3S, 13.5E in Al-Arqas
Level 32
Strength 80
Endurance 60
Coordination 100
Quickness 120
Focus 250
Self 250
Health 150
Stamina 335
Mana 650


Lore & Dialog

Gervena the Oblique says, "I am going to miss Uziz. I won't miss the townsfolk though. They sure have been acting creepy lately."

Gervena the Oblique tells you, "I have heard of powerful gems, more powerful than the mediocre gems you bring to those so-called master smiths. If I had such a gem, I could make a powerful spell-casting orb with unique properties."
Gervena the Oblique tells you, "Of course, if you are not a masterful mage, you should speak with one of my younger brothers. If you have one of my old orbs, I will improve it for you."

Update History

Disturbance in the Desert

  • Moved from 24.4S, 28.7E in Uziz to 31.3S, 13.5E in Al-Arqas.