Introduced:  Upping the Ante Related Quests:  Kaurik's Ghost Messenger Updated:  Blood From Stone (retired)
Ghostly Messenger's Missive
Text Icon Parchment
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  • Burden:
  • This note is substantial enough for you to pick up, albeit a little cold to the touch. It seems to be a courier's message from Dereth.

Worshipful Matrons,

I beseech you for guidance, for aid, for enlightenment. I beg that you might show me the one true path, that I may serve the Old Ones in the wisest way possible, for my own capabilities are not worthy to evaluate this new presence that arises to confront us.

There has been a voice whispering from the cracks of Kiliakta which beckons me closer to hear its sweet song of corruption. It says to forsake N'cthail and the other Old Ones, and to worship it alone. It says it alone is worthy of our homage. Its call is strong - strong enough to consider giving it the worship it craves.

The presence beneath the world names itself 'The Blighted Dreamer' when it speaks to me. I remember the name from my childhood, during the days before I had ascended to my current form, but I do not recall any more than just the name. It is no matter - the power and corruption which oozes from this being convinces me that it is proper to be in service to this one. My instinct says to serve and be rewarded.

'The Creeping Blight' - that is what it names its servants, called from the sea to inflict destruction upon the new inhabitants of Kiliakta. It would purge those interlopers from the world through its servants, and I think it can do it. The sea shall be the doom of our enemies.

I would embrace this Old One beneath the world...but I am obedient. I send this message for instructions. If you advise me to disregard its call, I shall reject it, and pay homage to those which came before. If you command me to follow it, I shall do so, along with the rest of us who have remained on Auberean, and we shall join the might of the Matriarchs to the Blighted Dreamer. If I hear nothing, I shall follow my instinct and let it determine where we shall go, for I believe that the other Old Ones have been useless, and only here, in this Old One heretofore forgotten, may we find the power to defeat all of our enemies.

In your service,


You give Kaurik Ghostly Messenger's Missive.

You've earned 164,455,904 experience.

Kaurik tells you, "Hail, speedy one! You have deprived the Falatacot on Dereth of the advice they need. This will hopefully cause confusion in their ranks, and who knows what the result will be. I shall watch for more messengers - return in a short time to help us again."

You have received the title Honorary Burun Scout!

  • This item was retired during the Blood From Stone event, when the quest was removed.