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Grand Mother
Non-Player Killer
Grand Mother Live
Race Female Viamontian
Title Mother of Silyun
Location 87.4N 70.5W in Silyun
Level 43
Strength 110
Endurance 70
Coordination 50
Quickness 96
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 162
Stamina 180
Mana 273


Lore & Dialog

The Grand Mother of Silyun's real name is Elgenia Montani. She is the leader of the Silyun Rebels in the absence of the Duke of Bellenesse.


Grand Mother tells you, "You are a stranger to Silyun and owe us nothing. Even so, I beseech you listen to my words and help me heal an old man's grieving heart."

Grand Mother tells you, "The Duke's daughter, Eleonora, was a proud and noble warrior. She led our people to many great victories in the war against Varicci. But her skill was not enough to hide her from the King's vengeance forever."

Grand Mother tells you, "Before the Fiun barrier was dropped - before we even knew of the existence of lifestones - Eleonora fell in battle against Varicci himself."

Grand Mother tells you, "He took her to his torture chamber and murdered the poor girl. When he delivered her body to us, we were horrified to learn that he had removed her heart."

Grand Mother tells you, "The Duke has not been the same since that day. His grief knows no end. But if we could retrieve that young warrior's heart, I am certain that his grief would begin to subside."

Grand Mother tells you, "Journey to the Royal Hall of Sanamar, enter the torture chamber, and put an end to this tragedy."

Grand Mother tells you, "But I warn you - if you do this, you will fall out of favor with the Grand Knight of Sanamar. He may well treat you with the same enmity with which he and his King have long treated us."

Sanamar flagged

Grand Mother tells you, "The citizens of Silyun have suffered much under Varicci's rule. You and your kind disgust me. Be gone from my sight."

Silyun flagged, quest line completed

Grand Mother tells you, "You have proven yourself to be a true stalwart of Silyun. I can ask nothing more of you now."

Silyun flagged, quest line completed, vissidal flagged

Grand Mother tells you, "I see you have gained access to the isle of Vissidal. There is nothing more I might ask of you. Maintain a presence there. Remain alert. When more is required of you, you will know."

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