Introduced:  Masked Memories Related Quests:  Shadow-touched Virindi Quidiox Kill Task
Guard Alfric
Non-Player Killer
Guard Alfric Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Soldier
Location 87.9S, 67.4W in the SW corner watchtower in Candeth Keep
Level 108
Strength 290
Endurance 250
Coordination 150
Quickness 90
Focus 60
Self 60
Health 175
Stamina 320
Mana 70


Lore & Dialog

Guard Alfric tells you, "Hail to ye! Would ye like to show the world that ye are a brave warrior? If so, then take yerself ta the Valley o' Death and slay yerself some o' them Shadow-touched Virindi Quidiox."
Guard Alfric tells you, "Poor blighters got themselves tainted by Aerbax, so it's up ta us ta put 'em down. Kill 75 and come back ta me."

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