Introduced:  Masked Memories Related Quests:  Virindi Quidiox Kill Task
Guard Q'alia
Non-Player Killer
Guard Q'alia Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Soldier
Location 60.0S, 88.0W in Ayan Baqur
Level 113
Strength 150
Endurance 180
Coordination 250
Quickness 260
Focus 100
Self 60
Health 140
Stamina 250
Mana 70


Lore & Dialog

Guard Q'alia tells you, "Queen Elysa set me here to watch for incursions by Aerbax's Virindi...yet she allows the other Virindi, like that thrice-accursed Claude and Leopold, to remain here."
Guard Q'alia tells you, "Allow me to confide a secret. My name is Q'alia bint Hakim. My father was the Archmage Hakim, one of the bravest and strongest of the land."
Guard Q'alia tells you, "That cowled beast killed him, and left the body out to rot all these years...and no one dared raise a finger! Even still they are allowed to hover smugly in their tents, and the only one who will even hear me out is Ulgrim!"
Guard Q'alia tells you, "What I would have of you? Claude and Leopold are too closely watched. However, their kin in the Valley of Death are not. Go there now, and slay 75 Virindi Quidioxes. That will grant a small amount of vengeance for my father."

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