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Harlune (of Feirgard)
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Yalaini mage, faculty member of the Knorr Lyceum, Initiate of the Perfect Light[1], and the only other Yalaini in Dereth except Asheron until the reappearance of the Empyreans during the From Darkness, Light patch.[2] Harlune was not swept away into portal space with the rest of the Yalaini when Asheron cast the Sundering spell because he was still on Ispar.[Citation Needed] Harlune was known to be a powerful Life Mage.[3]

During his visits to the world of Ispar, he became involved with the rebellion of the Orts against the rule of Queen Alfrega.[1][4] In 860 RC, the execution of a farmer, Dunol, and his three children was scheduled. The farmer was executed, but the children were saved by Harlune. Just after the execution, Harlune openly defied Alfrega and began working with Hendac Tharesun to organize the Orts. He pretended to be an Isparian and named himself Harlune of Feirgard.[4] Together with Urbex the Venerable he created the Rose of Celdon to aid the Orts.[4][5]

In Dereth, he was known for a rather grumpy attitude and not the most diplomatic ways of expressing himself, probably one of the reasons he was known as "the Misanthrope".[6][7][8][2][9][10][11] First living in Arwic[12], he made his home in the Mite Maze, together with his pet Reedshark Alfrega and Alia Dunolmad.[3] He moved from there to a "cave among the northern mountains and forests of Osteth" during the Dispatch patch.[13]

Amongst his students and apprentices are Celcynd the Dour, whom he taught how to summon a portal, the first one summoned by an Isparian.[3][12] Though he was unwilling to accept new students after his falling out with Celcynd[3], he became the teacher of Hoshino Kei and Borelean Strathelar.[14][15] until they became Asheron's assistants.[16]

Harlune has partnered with Ben Ten to form the Celestial Hand.[17][18][19][20]

Together with Ben Ten, he investigated the activities of the Apostate Virindi and Aerfalle's involvement with the disturbances in the ley lines.[13][21]

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