Introduced:  The Calm Related Quests:  Niffis Fighting Pits
Heartfelt Plea
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
  • Properties: Bonded
  • 4 of 4 pages full.
  • A note from the grief-stricken Weijin Shou to the Niffis Reijiri. There is a spot of blood on this note, as if the person who had originally tried to deliver it suffered some unfortunate fate.

Reijiri, my dear. I do not know where to start. The months since you left have been the most difficult since my arrival to Dereth. When you first came into my life, I did not understand how close we would grow to one another. There were many who claimed that it would never work. Man and Niffis were not meant to share such a love, they said. It would only end in tragedy, they said.

But we did not care. No, we did not. Because we know something that they fail to understand. We know that, despite our differences, we share a bond that no two Isparians could ever hope to match. In fact, it is precisely because of those differences that we are able to understand each other as you and I do.

Reijiri, I know that you have suffered much in your time because of your diminutive stature. You feel inadequate and weak, and unworthy of the glory of your kind. I know why you sought out those damnable Banderlings. I know the acceptance which you seek. But don't you understand? You have nothing to prove! What does the world mean to one who has discovered the love which you and I share? What do the thoughts of those ignorant brutes matter to you?

An if - and I am saddened more than I can say when this thought comes to mind - you do this to prove your worthiness to me, please know my dear Reijiri, that such a course of action is completely unnecessary. You have my heart, Reijiri. You have it all. You always have.

Please. Come home.


You give Reijiri Heartfelt Plea.

Reijiri ponders the note for a long moment. She looks you in the eye and your heart breaks at the sadness you glimpse beneath those dark, melancholy orbs. This is a fighter who has abandoned those that love her. And for what? Glory? Acceptance? Approval from those who would use her for naught but entertainment? Or worse, for profit?

Reijiri regards you for a time, then nods her head. You don't quite understand what passes between you, but you think it feels a little something like gratitude. Perhaps you have helped this poor, small Niffis.
Perhaps you have pointed out the path - the path which all of us seek - towards contentment.

You've earned 20,000,000 experience.

Reijiri gives you Wallbound Niffis.