Wiki related help articles. For game help, see Category:Getting Started.

See also: Category:Help for a complete list of help related entries. If you would like to see a help page created for an unlisted topic, please post here.

General Help

  • How To Edit Pages - Brief overview of how to edit wiki entries.
  • Page Templates - Premade page code to format your pages in the ACCwiki style.
  • Naming Conventions - Please read! How to choose the name for a new page or image.
  • List of Categories - Complete list of categories and sub-categories.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions, both game issues and wiki related.
  • Wiki Markup Reference - Comprehensive reference of the wiki code used to modify the appearance of text and pages.
  • Wiki Templates - Special templates that provide standard formatting for areas within a page. Geared towards items that are repeated across many pages.
  • Wiki Swiss Tool - A downloadable utility designed just for ACC Wiki that assists in cropping images, saving icons, formatting wiki pages, and storing text/images in an expanded clipboard.

External Sites:

  • MediaWiki Users - Collaborative knowledgebase for users, administrators and developers of MediaWiki software.
  • - Official documentation, discussion and development of the MediaWiki software.
  • MediaWiki Handbook - List of guides and single-topic help files for the MediaWiki software compiled at

Specific Help

Getting Started icon

Getting Started
Where & how to get started on FANDOM
Contributing icon

How to contribute and format content
Community Management icon

Community Management
Admin tools, role & management tips
Advanced icon

Advanced extensions, editing tools and admin tools
Customize ComHelp Button 75width

Theme designer, CSS, JS, wiki design
Mobile ComHelp Button 75width

Intro to mobile optimization and products

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