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Jawaq ibn Janath
Non-Player Killer
Jawaq ibn Janath Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Scout of the Blood
Location 65.3S 42.3W east of Graveyard.
Level 100
Strength 200
Endurance 200
Coordination 180
Quickness 160
Focus 140
Self 120
Health 175
Stamina 310
Mana 175


  • Route: Short run southeast from Wai Jhou.

Lore & Dialog

Jawaq ibn Janath tells you, "I'm sorry, I have no time for you. You weren't sent here by that persistent Arcanum agent Jondor in Zaikhal, were you?"

After speaking to Jondor Torgren:

Jawaq ibn Janath tells you, "Ah, that Arcanum scholar sent you to find out what you could from me, eh? Well, there may be a way for you to prove yourself worthwhile to me, and to my superiors. Down in this pit nearby is a foul, diseased creature known as a Blight Lictor. It is a symptom of the contamination that is creeping across this land. Bring its head to me and I will give you a letter of introduction that you can present to my field commander."

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