Introduced:  To Raise a Banner of Flame
Jhen Gau the Souvenir Hawker
Non-Player Killer
Jhen Gau the Souvenir Hawker Live
Race Male Sho
Title Souvenir Hawker
Location 84.3N 45.0E on Aerlinthe
Level 47
Strength 140
Endurance 130
Coordination 140
Quickness 200
Focus 90
Self 60
Health 245
Stamina 330
Mana 170


  • Route: From the drop on aerlinthe either take the Coral Tunnels shortcut, follow the shore of the harbor around to the western side, or follow the beach all the way around the island.
  • Sells at 190%, doesn't buy items.





Lore & Dialog

Jhen Gau the Souvenir Hawker tells you, "Greetings, greetings! It is my honor to meet a fellow traveler in this distant land. Could I interest you in a memento, for the kids back in Dereth?"

Jhen Gau the Souvenir Hawker tells you, "Bet they wish they could make it here, yes? Truly, it is a rare place in this strange world that hasn't been overrun by humanity. Aerlinthe brings back memories of the good old days in Dereth, does it not?"

Jhen Gau the Souvenir Hawker tells you, "Please tell your peers about me. No doubt they also have eager young journeymen under their tutelage, eager for spoils from this island. Surely, one of my shirts would be the most unique and memorable twink... er, souvenir!"

Jhen Gau the Souvenir Hawker tells you, "Ah. I may be able to use that."

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