Introduced:  Upping the Ante Related Quests:  Kaurik's Ghost Messenger
Non-Player Killer
Kaurik Live
Race Burun
Title Scout
Location Kor-Gursha on Bur
Level 93
Strength 190
Endurance 210
Coordination 210
Quickness 250
Focus 100
Self 80
Health 255
Stamina 410
Mana 180


Lore & Dialog

Kaurik tells you, "Greetings, human. You are just in time, if you can help."
Kaurik tells you, "I am Kaurik - I follow Tmauruk's commands in all things. He is clever and quick, much more so than most of us."
Kaurik tells you, "He has asked me to ask help of humans who come by in an important task."
Kaurik tells you, "Recently, a ghost appeared at the spot that your portal sends people when they come here from your Dereth. As we scouts drew closer, it fled quickly away. It moved too quickly for us to catch it, but it sealed itself into one of the many ways hidden in the Upper Catacomb."
Kaurik tells you, "Tmauruk thinks that it is a messenger, going to see the Falatacot which live in the catacombs. Anything which helps them is bad for us, so we want to catch the messenger, see what it plans."
Kaurik tells you, "I will show you how to use the statue so that you may gain access to the ghost's hiding place. Help us - bring us the message - and we will hail you accordingly. You also help your own people - the Falatacot do not love the humans who have defeated them and freed their prisoner."

Kaurik tells you, "Human! There's a Falatacot messenger trapped in the Upper Catacomb right now! Please go and take care of it if you can, for the sake of both our peoples! Bring the message it bears back to me once you are done."

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