Introduced:  Dark Materials Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Shadow
Kirienne Palacost
Kirienne Palacost Live
Class Shadow
Level 161
Luminance 0
Loot Tier
Attacks Bludgeon
Weaknesses Fire, Slash
Strength 300
Endurance 400
Coordination 300
Quickness 300
Focus 540
Self 560
Health 5000
Stamina 5000
Mana 5000
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



Kirienne Palacost stirs, as if lost in the throws of a fitful sleep.
  • On death:
As <Player Name> strikes the final blow against Kirienne Palacost, the Shadow Child screams out in agony! A voice echoes throughout the land, carrying along with it a searing pain in your mind, "I hate you <Player Name>!!! I'm telling my uncle and he's going to get you!!"

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