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Monarch Allegiance Name Hometown Website Mansion/Villa
Akiro tisensan Protectors of the Golden Flame
Dark Waters Iron Shield Snow Capped Mountain Mansion (64.5S 73.6E)
Dragon-Master Dragon Knights
Gullum Gully's Thugs
Tasia the True The Trues Shoushi Folthid Mansion (8.7S, 49.7E)
Thase Skotoso Hilltop Mansion (14.2N 41.7E)
The Silver Citadel The Silver Citadel Tou-Tou Tou-Tou Estate (36.2S 89.1E)
The Empire Blackwater Empire Holtburg Unknown
Scarey Mary Scarey's Warriors Holtburg South Shore Overlook Mansion (90.4S 8.9E)
Silentclaw' Stinkering Tinkerers Seaside Mansion (33.8N 69.1E)
Sternac Keepers of Dawn Song Shoushi Currently None Yaraq Mansion (23.2S, 4.1E)
Soul of The Forsaken The Forsaken Holtburg Unknown
Zyz The Fun Bunch Sawato Plateau River Mansion (58.5N, 49.5W)

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