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List of Player Guides created by Wiki users.
Player guides should typically be added to a user's namespace as a subpage (use forward / slashes) and not the wiki namespace (mainspace).

For example: User Immortalbob's "Guide to Imbuing" appears as User:Immortalbob/Guides/Guide to Imbuing.

Feel free to add your guide to the list!

ACC Wiki Getting Started Guides

Class Guides

Guide Author
Aelryinth's Advanced Guide to Combat User:Aelryinth
A Void Mage's Guide to Mastering Damage Over Time User:Immortalbob
Stillwater's Quick Guide to Playing a Mage User:StillwaterPlaya

Crafting Guides

Related topics: Crafting Guides

Guide Author
Covenant Tinkering Guide User:Immortalbob
Guide to Imbuing User:Immortalbob
Guide To Weapon Imbues User:Joeblow8579
Guide To Fail-Dyeing Items User:Sanddh

Leveling Guides

Related topics: Category:Leveling Guide

Guide Author
An Adventurer's Leveling Guide User:An Adventurer
Leveling for Fun and Profit User:Dr Doom HG
Taomagicdragon's Leveling Guide User:Taomagicdragon
Unknown Author's Leveling Guide Unknown
Belwyvair's guide to Re-Rolling: Equipment, Flagging, Scheduling, and Leveling User:Belwyvair
XP Grinding Starters Guide User:KronikJames
Quests By Level User:Immortalbob

Returning Player Guides

Guide Author
Quick Reference Guide to Major Game Changes Since Throne of Destiny User:Immortalbob

Other Guides

Advanced Colosseum Guides

Guide Author
Atarax's Colosseum Walkthrough (Non-PK) User:Atarax
Kromwell's Colosseum Walkthrough (Non-PK) User:Kromwell
Tlosk's Colosseum Walkthrough (Non-PK) User:Tlosk
SusieQue's Colo Guide (Non-PK) User:SusieQue
Buffslave II and Azura's Colosseum Guide (PK/Darktide) User:Tuxtax
Kronik's Colosseum Guide (Non-PK) User:KronikJames
Shedao Shai's Colosseum Walkthrough - Standard Fellow (Non-PK) User:Shedao Shai
Shedao Shai's Colosseum Walkthrough - All Melee/Archer (Non-PK) User:Shedao Shai

Graveyard of Despair

Guide Author
Graveyard Tactics and Equipment User:Taomagicdragon


Guide Author
Role-Playing Guide User:An Adventurer

Third Party Applications

Guide Author
Installing Decal on Windows 8 User:Yaroz mt
Beginner's Guide to looting with VTank User:Immortalbob

Video Guides

All of these guides are offsite.

Guide Author
Town Network User:AlmarsGuides
The Facility Hub User:AlmarsGuides
Stipends and Imbue Swap Coins User:AlmarsGuides
Grand Casino Keyrings User:AlmarsGuides
Casinos User:AlmarsGuides
Death and Death Items User:AlmarsGuides
Housing and Muling User:AlmarsGuides
Mana Forge Chests User:AlmarsGuides
Salvaging User:AlmarsGuides
Tinkering User:AlmarsGuides
Loot Basics User:AlmarsGuides
Building Your Character User:AlmarsGuides
Egg Orchard User:AlmarsGuides
Withered Leveling Area User:AlmarsGuides
War Mage Gameplay User:AlmarsGuides
What Loot is Worth Keeping User:AlmarsGuides
How To Build Your Character User:AlmarsGuides
Casino Rewards User:AlmarsGuides
Combat System Demonstration User:AlmarsGuides
'Virindi Rescue' - Group Content Gameplay Video User:AlmarsGuides
Buff Bots, Tinker Bots & Portal Bots, oh my! User:AlmarsGuides
Scarlet Red & Lucky Gold Letters User:AlmarsGuides
Rank 8 Spells User:AlmarsGuides
Methods of Transportation User:AlmarsGuides
Fastest Way To Level A New Character User:AlmarsGuides
Writs of Apology User:AlmarsGuides
Cloaks and Information About Them User:AlmarsGuides
Group Content Gameplay Video User:AlmarsGuides
Quests & How They Work in AC User:AlmarsGuides
Tailoring in AC User:AlmarsGuides
Matron Hive South (Information About It) User:AlmarsGuides
Ravenous Vault (Information About It) User:AlmarsGuides
Diamond Scarabs User:AlmarsGuides
Tusker Guard Kill Task User:AlmarsGuides
How To Setup A Route with Vtank User:AlmarsGuides
Insatiable Vault User:AlmarsGuides
Olthoi Ripper Kill Task User:AlmarsGuides
Dark Isle Assassin Society Task User:AlmarsGuides
Farming Pyreal Bars User:AlmarsGuides
Rushk Boss Taskmaster Society Quest User:AlmarsGuides
Shambling Archivist Society Quest User:AlmarsGuides
Matron Hive North User:AlmarsGuides
Pyre Skeleton Jaw Collection User:AlmarsGuides
Temple of Enlightenment User:AlmarsGuides
Dark Isle Gameplay Video User:AlmarsGuides
Neftet User:AlmarsGuides
Basics of the Loot System User:AlmarsGuides
How To Activate Your Armor's Abilities in AC User:AlmarsGuides
Raid Content Gameplay Video User:AlmarsGuides
The Basics of Vtank Video Explanation User:AlmarsGuides
Black Coral Golem Heart Farming Guide User:AlmarsGuides
Building a Suit of Armor For Your Character in AC User:AlmarsGuides
The Basics of Augmentation Gems User:AlmarsGuides
The First Few Augmentation Gems You Should Consider Getting User:AlmarsGuides

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