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Maggie the Jackcat was a player on the Thistledown server who ran an AC fansite and game guide from Asheron's Call Beta in 1999 to November of 2011. Her site was part contribution based - in other words, players would send her information and screenshots, which she would then add to her patch pages and other sections of the site on a contributor's behalf.

Maggie's dedication to both the game and her site resulted in her guide being one of the best sources of all AC related information. Because of this, Maggie is something of a celebrity in the world of Asheron's Call and is popular with both the Turbine developers and players alike, who in the past would send Maggie not only contributions for her guide but also fanmail as well.

Maggie's real life obligations resulted in fewer updates being made to her website over time. The last substantial update was made in late 2007 for the Children of the Prodigal Lord event.

The website went offline in 2011. In 2017, during the final days of Asheron's Call, Maggie returned and reopened


  • Maggie's vassal, Ned Cleversun, inspired the creation of her website which was designed as a guide for him.
  • Maggie's site received exclusive screenshots for each of the Patches from August 2003 to January 2009.
  • Maggie's catchphrase that she used on her popular patch update pages: "I think this might just be the best patch ever!"
  • A housing settlement called Jackcat Canyon was named after Maggie in September 2001.
  • An NPC named Ned the Clever was created in May 2009 as a tribute to Ned Cleversun after the player who created him passed away the year before.
  • Ned is also featured in the Secrets of the Apostates Teaser along with Magaritta du Jacquette, a tribute to Maggie the Jackcat.


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