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Mana Forge Key

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Introduced:  Ancient Powers Related Quests:  Mana Forge
Mana Forge Key
Mana Forge Key Icon
Value: 10,000
Burden: 30

A crystalline key that coruscates with purple energies.
Number of uses remaining: 1
This item cannot be sold.

Use this key to open any of the non-Shard chests within the Mana Forges.



  • Difficulty: 400? Lockpick (50% chance of success)
  • Tools:
Intricate Carving Tool
  • Ingredients:
(1) Shattered Mana Forge Key
  • Result:
(1) Mana Forge Key
  • Steps:
  1. Use Intricate Carving Tool on Shattered Mana Forge Key to create Mana Forge Key.
    • Intricate Carving Tool Icon + Shattered Mana Forge Key Icon = Mana Forge Key Icon

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