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The largest of landscape housing, Mansions are enormous buildings perfect for large Allegiances. They provide 5 storage chests, 100 hooks and a portal to the basement where the chests and some extra hooks can be found. In addition, mansions also have access to special portal devices that only work when placed on a mansion hook.

Unlike other cottages and villas, mansions require multiple fixed Trophies that do not vary by mansion location.

  • Contain 100 hooks (All 100 can be used simultaneously).
  • Contain 5 storage chests for keeping your items safe.
Purchase requirements
  • 10 Writs of Refuge, 1,000,000 pyreals each month.


Chat command to view available Mansions: @hslist mansion

Mansion Name Coordinates
Obsidian Plains Mansion - Retired 71.2S, 56.1W
Markers End Mansion 28.8S, 3.9E
Midsong Festival Stone Mansion 1.8 2.3N, 3.2E
Artifex North Mansion 31.1N, 48.7W
Mite Tunnels Mansion 37.1N, 48.9E
Seaside Mansion 33.8N, 69.0E
Baishi East Mansion 52.6S, 64.8E
Baishi North Mansion 41.5S, 65.5E
Trialos Mansion 52.8S, 55.9E
Lost Wish Range Mansion 57.7N, 57.4E
Blackmire Swamp Mansion 32.0S, 40.8E
Witshire Mansion 28.6N, 39.8E
Mage Tower Mansion 27.2S, 40.0E
Dryreach Mansion 0.7S, 75.4E
Sawato Mansion 19.2S, 68.2E
Empyrean Fields Mansion 38.4S, 46.6E
Empyrean Shrine Mansion 84.0N, 35.1W
Artifice Mansion 82.5S, 8.1E
Farmstead Mansion 64.9N, 48.8W
Treehouse Tower Mansion 41.7N, 10.5E
Forgotten Mansion 14.3N, 34.7E
Underground Forest Mansion 27.9N, 21.0E
Two Pillars Mansion 27.4N, 33.5E
Green Mire Mansion 25.5S, 68.7E
Hidden Valley Mansion 14.6N, 12.9W
Hilltop Mansion 14.2N, 41.5E
Inner Sea Mansion 16.9N, 21.6W
Isle of Tears Mansion 25.6N, 54.3E
Jasmine Meadow Mansion 44.1S, 46.4E
Kara Mansion 84.7S, 45.0E
Zombie Castle Mansion 47.2S, 35.2E
Krau Li Labyrinth Mansion 36.6S, 26.3E
Saadia's Retreat Mansion 50.3S, 76.8E
Linvak Range Mansion 62.2S, 47.4E
Enchantment Mansion 56.1N, 64.1E
Lytelthorpe Mansion 1.9 3.2N, 55.8E
Seedsow Festival Stone Mansion 1.7S, 44.5E
Power Plant Mansion 27.3N, 11.9E
Marae Vista Mansion 64.7N, 51.9W
Mayoi Mansion 66.1S, 80.8E
Mountain Keep Mansion 52.1N, 30.6E
Nanto North Mansion 47.1S, 79.3E
Virindi Complex Mansion 72.9N, 32.7E
Artifex South Mansion 19.9N, 41.3W
Danby's Outpost Mansion 23.0N, 32.8W
Point Tremblant Mansion 97.0N, 4.1E
Mesa Valley Mansion 51.4N, 13.0E
Northreach Mansion 79.8N, 32.7E
Obsidian Span Mansion 37.6N, 44.9E
Olthoi North Mansion 61.7N, 75.2E
Far West Shores Mansion 42.2N, 51.5W
Plateau River Mansion 58.5N, 49.5W
Roadside Mansion 63.1S, 21.6E
Forking Trail Mansion 66.4S, 18.6E
Riverbend Mansion 0.2S, 60.8E
Samsur Crater Mansion 0.6S, 24.9E
Leikotha's Crypt Mansion 1.9 6.4S, 32.0E
Sawato Spire Mansion 32.8S, 59.1E
Banderling Conquest Mansion 33.4S, 49.8E
Banderling Camp Mansion 35.3S, 56.7E
Ridge Route Mansion 16.3N, 43.0W
Two Sand Bars Mansion 83.0S, 59.9E
South Shore Overlook Mansion 90.3S, 8.9E
Landbridge Mansion 83.2S, 3.9E
South Shore Mansion 92.0S, 12.6E
Frostfell Festival Stone Mansion 62.3N, 28.8W
Deep Forest Mansion 31.2N, 3.8W
Banderling Tower Mansion 35.1N, 9.7E
Tou-Tou Estate 36.2S, 89.0E
Uziz Mansion 29.5S, 31.1E
Desert Path Mansion 16.9S, 26.3E
South Uziz Mansion 38.1S, 29.3E
Snow Capped Mountain Mansion 64.5S, 73.7E
Northwest Delta Mansion 61.5N, 48.8W
Nicks Signature Mansion 51.2S, 15.3E
Yanshi Mansion 12.7S, 52.0E
Folthid Mansion 1.9 8.7S, 49.7E
Yaraq Mansion 23.2S, 4.0E
Halls of the Helm Mansion 22.5N, 4.9E
Zaikhal Mansion 15.0N, 8.7E
Desert March Mansion 10.4N, 5.7W

Map Key:
Map Point Mansion - Mansion
File:Map Point Quest Mansion.png - Quest Mansion
Hover over a mansion on the map to view its name.
Click on a mansion on the map to view its information page.



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