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March 2014 - Announcements Page

Turbine Announcements

Release Notes

Patch Details

  • Patch Date: 26th March, 2014
  • Patch Size: 9k (Client: 4,728k)

Known Issues

Small Changes [1]

I am preparing a patch to fix the problem with the 33rd level of Paragon weapons. Since I have to patch, I am planning on spending some extra time to add in a few small tweaks. I want to do the following:

  • Fix the 33rd Paragon weapon quest.
  • Reduce the difficulty of healing in combat mode. It is currently a multiplier of 1.3 on Difficulty, I am thinking a 1.1.
  • Promissory Note for Alt Currency will be Tradeable.
  • Trees will be returned to their full summer glory.
  • I will look into another Bonus XP weekend.
  • I will look into the possibility of live events at least for the largest servers.
  • The Gauntlet 20 hour timer is there to reduce the chance of people hogging the Gauntlet.
  • I will look into the design intent of the creatures in the Gauntlet that are going invulnerable.

- Sev~ (Producer)

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