Introduced:  Unfinished Business Related Quests:  Portal Space Research Updated:  Old Ghosts
Marcus Manfried
Non-Player Killer
Marcus Manfried Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Portal Researcher
Location Mar'uun
Level 115
Strength 212
Endurance 170
Coordination 195
Quickness 120
Focus 230
Self 230
Health 85
Stamina 180
Mana 230


  • With the destruction of Mar'uun, Marcus Manfried disappeared. There is a corpse where he was standing.
  • Route: From Al-Arqas, take the Al-Nosaj portal at 33.5S, 13.1E. Then run to the Mar'uun at 10.6S, 17.1E.

Lore & Dialog

Marcus Manfried says, "We're never going to make any progress at this rate. We need to bring in some test subjects."
Marcus Manfried says, "Continue to monitor the mana flow."
Marcus Manfried says, "We need to examine the properties associated with this modulation."

Marcus Manfried tells you, "Sorry about that, I needed to finish initializing the current iteration of our portal experiments."
Marcus Manfried tells you, "Our current experimentation is intended to further understand and possibly bypass the restrictions of certain portals."
Marcus Manfried tells you, "This is only our current round of experiments. We're hoping to unlock all the secrets of portal space and time."
Marcus Manfried tells you, "You can talk to me again if you would like to assist us."

Marcus Manfried tells you, "We're starting a new round of experiments. Our last round of participants assisted greatly."
Marcus Manfried tells you, "We'd like to measure the changes in our previous subjects as well as taking in new subjects as this time."
Marcus Manfried tells you, "You can talk to me again if you would like to assist us."
Marcus Manfried tells you, "Talk to my assistant if you would like to participate in this round of testing. We've also been correcting the resonance of adventurers to match that of the portal found at what is now being called the Crystalline Crag. Simply pracipate in our test and we'll make sure you're set."

Marcus Manfried tells you, "Thank you for all your assistance. We have gathered what we can from our understanding of your personal properties, the sum of the things you've done and how that interacted with our experimental portals."

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