Introduced:  Shining Runes and Shadowed Hands Related Quests:  Prismatic Shadow Armor Quest, Crafting Golems
Masonry Golem
Masonry Golem Live
Class Golem
Level 185
XP 800,000
Luminance 0
Loot Tier 7
Attacks Bludgeon
Weaknesses Acid, Bludgeon
Strength 290
Endurance 300
Coordination 200
Quickness 190
Focus 190
Self 190
Health 1500
Stamina 1500
Mana 1190
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



  • They also hit extremely hard behind your shield.
  • They hit extremely hard when you are bludgeon vulned, although they do not cast magic themselves.



Ancient Golem tells you, "You do not belong in the Masonry."

Ancient Golem tells you, "The Steward has not permitted you access to the Masonry."

Ancient Golem tells you, "You are not Empyrean."

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