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Character Summary
Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • 5 PY - Vanished into the desert

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Minor Gharu'ndim noble and early arrival who became the leader of his people on Dereth. He made peace with the Aluvians and arranged for his people to live west of the Falamar Hills. There, he founded Samsur, the first Gharu'ndim settlement. [1][2] He also tried to dig new wells, but not all of them succesfull.[3] Wari al Sha'im was a follower of Musansayn, and helped the leader stake out a homeland among the mesas and dunes of western Osteth.[4]

In PY 5[Citation Needed], Musansayn wandered into the desert and vanished, never to be seen again.[5] It is assumed he died.[1]

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