Introduced:  The Iron Coast
Nanner Cream Pie
Nanner Cream Pie Icon
  • Value: 200
  • Burden: 120
  • Skill: Missile Weapons (Thrown)
  • Damage: 1.5 - 2 , Bludgeoning
  • Speed: Fast (20)
  • Range: 40 yds.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A nanner cream pie.

Nanner Cream Pie Live

Nanner Cream Pie



Heavy Grinder
1 Flour, 1 Water, 1 Bunch of Nanners
1 Nanner Cream Pie
  • Steps:
  1. Use Flour on Water to create Dough.
    • Flour Icon + Water Icon = Dough Icon
  2. Use Heavy Grinder on Bunch of Nanners to create Mushed Nanners.
    • Heavy Grinder Icon + Bunch of Nanners Icon = Mushed Nanners Icon
  3. Use Dough on Mushed Nanners to create Nanner Cream Pie.
    • Dough Icon + Mushed Nanners Icon = Nanner Cream Pie Icon

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