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A Non Player Killer (NPK) is safe from harm by any other player character, including Player Killers and Player Killers Lite. In return, Non Player Killers can neither help nor harm Player Killers and Player Killers Lite. Non Player Killers appear as white dots on the radar.

Server differences

On the Darktide server, player characters begin as Player Killers and remain so permanently; there is no way to attain Non Player Killer status. For this reason, players who avoid player versus player combat on Darktide are sometimes called "NPK", even though they are not technically safe from harm by other players.

On every server other than Darktide, player characters begin as Non Player Killers and may choose to become Player Killers.

Becoming a non player killer

A Player Killer may go "White" by using an NPK Shrine, except on Darktide.

A Player Killer Lite reverts to Non Player Killer when killed by another Player Killer Lite, or upon logging out.

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