Introduced:  Spring's Sorrows Related Quests:  Harbinger Quest, Captain K'rank's Errands, Mnemosyne Quest
Obsidian Heart
Obsidian Heart Icon
  • Value: 50
  • Burden: 225


You give Stone Collector Obsidian Heart.

Stone Collector tells you, "Nice hunk of obsidian."

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Stone Collector gives you 6,000 Pyreals.

You give Trophy Smith Obsidian Heart.

Trophy Smith tells you, "A heart of obsidian."

You've earned 7,500 experience.

Trophy Smith gives you 5,000 Pyreals.

Trophy Smith tells you, "These are among the most beautiful of the golem hearts. See how it shines when I polish it?"

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