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Introduced:  Dark Majesty Related Quests:  Olthoi Queen Quest
Crafting Exemplar


Name Spells Effect
Chocolate Olthoi Cake Icon Chocolate Olthoi Cake Sugar Rush +50 Coordination
Fried Olthoi Egg Icon Fried Olthoi Egg Flame Ward +20% Fire Protection
Hard Boiled Olthoi Egg Icon Hard Boiled Olthoi Egg Lightning Ward +20% Lightning Protection
Olthoi Cake Icon Olthoi Cake Stone Wall +50 Endurance
Olthoi Carrot Cake Icon Olthoi Carrot Cake Rabbit's Eye +50 Focus
Olthoi Egg Icon Olthoi Egg None Restores 120 Health
Olthoi Pumpkin Pie Icon Olthoi Pumpkin Pie Panoply of the Queenslayer +200 Armor
Olthoi Toast Icon Olthoi Toast Balanced Breakfast +35 Strength
Pickled Olthoi Egg Icon Pickled Olthoi Egg Acid Ward +20% Acid Protection
Vesayen Style Fried Olthoi Egg Icon Vesayen Style Fried Olthoi Egg Frost Ward +20% Cold Protection


  • All spells cast last for 3 hours.
  • Wards act as Cantrips, the same as an epic, Ex: Epic Flame Ward
  • Olthoi Eggs can be used to restore 120 health, or used in the recipe for all other Olthoi Food.
  • See each food item for recipe.

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