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Olthoi Shield Quest
Level: 80
Rec. Level: 100
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira
Starts At: 13.2N, 0.8E in Zaikhal
Repeat: None


This was the culmination of the A Time of Chaos Story Arc, evolving around the Ancient Olthoi Queen. She was chased away during the Reign of Terror event and has since been replaced by an Olthoi Sentinel.

  • Recommended damage types to bring: bludge, bludge, bludge, or pierce.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Obtaining Cydna Wren's Portal Gem

  1. Go to the bottom of the Crystal Mine, at 49.3S 17.9E near Khayyaban.
  2. Keep going down, and follow right hand rule. At the bottom, you will find A Bar Tab and Hiyp the Toad's pickaxe.
  3. Return the bar tab and pickaxe to Hiyp the Toad in the Arwic tavern.
  4. Hiyp the Toad sends you to Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler in Zaikhal, who will in return send you to Cydna Wren at 4.9N, 23.8E near Samsur.
  5. Get Cydna Wren's Portal Gem from under A small pile of rocks near an Armoredillo Cave at 11.0N 21.1E.
  6. Use the Portal Gem to get portaled into Nuhmudira's Dungeon. There are no creatures in this part of the dungeon. Several of the Crates in the bigger rooms hold Whispering Venom crystals.
  7. Hand this crystal in to Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira to receive a Crystal Ring of Quickness, Crystal Ring of Protection, Whispering Venom Crystal Ring or a Scintillating Crystal Ring.
  8. Wear the ring to get access to the Lair of the Ancient Queen.

Part 2: Lair of the Ancient Olthoi Queen

  1. The portal to the Lair of the Ancient Queen can be found in Zaikhal at 13.2N, 0.8E near the residential housing portal.
  2. You have the choice to take three different routes (with different level Olthoi, that leads towards an Olthoi Sentinel. Take the north passage for the route with the easiest Olthoi.
  3. Kill the 100,000 hp Olthoi Sentinel at the end of the lair and loot an Olthoi Abdomen Fragment (1-3 fragments per kill).
  4. Turn this in at the Olthoi Hunter and receive an Olthoi Shield. Which shield you receive depends on your level.


Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Crystal Mine 49.3S, 17.9E -- 6149
Nuhmudira's Dungeon 4.0S, 35.9E -- 536D
Lair of the Ancient Queen 13.2N, 0.8E -- 614A



Greater Olthoi Shield Icon Greater Olthoi Shield
Fine Olthoi Shield Icon Fine Olthoi Shield
Lesser Olthoi Shield Icon Lesser Olthoi Shield
Good Olthoi Shield Icon Good Olthoi Shield



Opening Dialog

Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira tells you, "Hello. I have been tasked by Nuhmudira to continue to collect Whispering Venom crystals. They aided in overcoming the threat of the ancient Olthoi Queen who resided within this lair. It is important to probe this lair lest the Queen should return here and defeat any Olthoi within it! Nuhmudira had determined there is an unknown force that seems to "drown out" mana and suppresses higher forms of magic. This force is particularly powerful in the proximity of this lair and prevents anyone from being portalled successfully there.

Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira tells you, "A very rare crystal, Whispering Venom crystal is required to nullify this effect- the wearing of a ring made from this crystal allows a successful journey through portal space to this lair. Alas, Nuhmudira did possess a supply of these crystals however they were stolen once from her warehouse, together with numerous other crystals. While the other crystal types are being replaced through the good efforts of Isparians, a supply of Whispering Venom crystal is lacking."

Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira tells you, "There is a mine at desert's edge, west of Khayyaban, which used to be a source of these crystals. It may be somewhat depleted but it is our only hope. Please try to find some and return as soon as you are able!"
Handing in Toad's Pickaxe to Hiyp the Toad

You give Hiyp the Toad Hiyp the Toad's pickaxe

Hiyp The Toad looks at you with a sodden expression

Hiyp the Toad tells you, "Hey, that's my best pickaxe! I must have left it down in the, ummm, where was that... oh yeah there was that mine, I was tryin' to get some of those crystals them's in Zaikhal wanted. Maybe it'll help with the bugs, maybe not. Well, there's nothing in that mine, I'll tell ya. So I said to myself, forget it, go have a drink. You trying to get some too? Hmmm, I just may know someone who can get some. There's a jeweler, name of Djusufa bint Huqis, she's in Zaikhal. I know her a while, she told me something interesting. One night a woman came to her and handed her a strange crystal, wondered if she knew what it was good for. The jeweler, she didn't know, never seen one like that before. She said she'd have to ask around, maybe check with one of Nuhmudira's people. Well, this woman gets all nervous and just leaves. Anyway, that's all I know. Go see Djusufa bint Huqis."
Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler

Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "So, Hiyp told you to talk to me about Whispering Venom crystal. Yes, that is correct, it was a dark and stormy night when this woman came banging on my shop door even though I had just closed. She seemed to be rather nervous but needed to know about a crystal, which she handed to me. She wanted to understand what it may be used for. I examined it carefully for I had never seen one like it before. It's purpose or potential eluded me and I said to her that I would have to inquire with one of the scholars working with Nuhmudira about it. She became very agitated then and ran out the door. I tried to go after her to return the crystal but she was gone.

Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler tells you, "I remembered later that I had seen her about town and that she was in fact one of Nuhmudira's students. Not wanting to cause trouble for her I inquired discreetly and found out she was originally from somewhere northeast of Samsur. Eventually I brought the crystal to one of Nuhmudira's other students and he said he believed it was Whispering Venom crystal. I allowed him to keep it and that was that. So, I do not have the crystal now. Had I known so many would be seeking such crystal these days I might have made a tidy sum selling it!"
Cydna Wren

Cydna Wren tells you, "What do you want from me? Oh ... the crystal. That jeweler must have led you to me. Ah well, there is no hiding ... nor does it matter who I put my trust in. Experience has taught me that lesson. If you keep my location here a secret, I will tell you where some of those crystals may be found. Take this small journal. I wrote it in case ... something happened to me."

Cydna Wren gives you Cydna Wren's Journal.
Speaking to Cydna Wren again

Cydna Wren tells you, "What do you want from me? Go away, I do not trust you."
Using the small pile of rocks

You pick up a gem from underneath the rock.
Handing in Whispering Venom crystal to Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira

You give Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira Whispering Venom crystal.

Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira tells you, "I am delighted you were able to get some Whispering Venom crystals from that mine!"

Nuhmudira's assistant casts several spells upon the crystal and fashions a portion of it into a ring.

Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira tells you, "Wearing this ring will allow passage through the portal. Go and get the better of the Olthoi that dwell in that foul lair!"

Darhy, Assistant to Nuhmudira gives you Crystal Ring of Protection.
Handing in Olthoi Abdomen Fragment to Olthoi Hunter

You give Olthoi Hunter Olthoi Abdomen Fragment.

Olthoi Hunter tells you, "The Olthoi Sentinel is truly a fearsome creature. I shall make you a shield worthy of a prince with this fragment."

Olthoi Hunter gives you Greater Olthoi Shield.

Olthoi Hunter tells you, "Take care."

Update History

Visions In The Darkness

  • Quest introduced.

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