Introduced:  Mired Hearts Related Quests:  First Contact
Orders to Contact the Burun
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 25
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 2 of 2 pages full.
  • Orders to Commander Kamenua. These might have some worth if given to Aun Laohke.


Muldaveus and I have become aware of a possible new ally that has found its way to Dereth. Little is known of this new ally aside from their tenacity and penchant for killing Mosswarts and their name, Burun. They have already found their way onto the world and have forced aside many of the Mosswarts who once made the Blackmire Swamp their home.

Their efficiency has given us cause to think that the Burun might fill the gap in our triumvirate of power and prove a foil

to the alliance that stands in our way to domination.

We ask that you dispatch an emissary to the Burun. We have found that they have overrun a holding near compass location fifty-three east and twenty-eight south. Send the emissary with the documents that I have attached to this one and something that will identify your rank. Your insignia ring should suffice.

Report anything that you learn from this encounter. We await your report.



As you shuffle through the collection of papers a few documents catch your eye. Perhaps if you showed these to Aun Laokhe he could pass the information on to the High Queen.

You give Translator Aun Laokhe Orders to Contact the Burun.

Translator Aun Laokhe tells you, "Orders to establish contact with the race from beyond this world. What plans will our once brothers derive next? I will see that Ispar Elysatah receives this report. Thank you."

You've earned 15,000,000 experience.

Translator Aun Laokhe tells you, "Farewell budhi."

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