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There are two kinds of Points of Interest (POIs), minor and major. Minor POIs are those small creature gatherings, ruins, and so on scattered throughout Dereth. They are rather generic, Drudge Camps, Stone Heads, and so on. Major POIs are more unique, usually larger, and will sometimes have an official name. This template can be used for both.



  • Minor: Name the POI in the following way: 00.0N, 00.0E - Name. Provide the exact in game coordinates in the format shown. For the name, try to use a general name; that is, do not name specific creatures in the name as POIs can be upgraded and Change. So for example instead of Barker Mosswart Camp simply name the POI Mosswart Camp.
  • Major: Coordinates are not needed in the name as major POIs will have a unique name. Simply give the POI entry its unique name.

Special note: POIs with Empyrean Ruins

Many POIs, major and minor, have ruins of the Empyreans present. There is a special Empyrean Ruins page on the When listing the ruins at a POI, please use the names given on the Empyrean Ruins page. You are encouraged to link the ruins in POIs to the redirect pages listed on the Empyrean Ruins page. Using the redirect links will send the viewer to that ruin's picture and description, so there is no confusion on exactly what ruins are present.


Note: Remove any sections not needed for a specific POI.

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