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Potion of Healing
Potion of Healing Icon
  • Value: 170
  • Burden: 15
  • Use this item to drink it.
  • Restores 25 Health when used.


  • Stack Size: 100


Can be crafted using Alchemy Skill (180 difficulty), the second step drains 25 Health from the alchemist making the potion:

1 Alembic
1 Realgar, 1 Health Draught
1 Potion of Healing
  • Steps:
  1. Use Alembic on Realgar to create Victual Infusion.
    • Alembic Icon + Realgar Icon = Victual Infusion Icon
  2. Use Victual Infusion on Health Draught to create Potion of Healing.
    • Victual Infusion Icon + Health Draught Icon = Potion of Healing Icon

Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Aun Oreilauri the Healer 306 Candeth Keep 87.6S, 66.9W
Aun Taguauri the Healer 289 Timaru 44.1N, 77.9W
Avalenne Hilmad the Healer 247 Cragstone 25.7N, 48.5E
Avorgild the Shopkeeper 289 Plateau Village 44.3N, 43.4W
Benedetta du Lucrezza the Healer 289 Silyun 87.4N, 70.5W
Bortrom the Thrifty 238 Whispering Blade Chapterhouse
Brisin the Healer 230 Rithwic 10.8N, 58.4E
Brother Jarviso 264 Neydisa Castle 69.6N, 17.6E
Brother Ku-Xao Sutan the Monk 230 Bluespire 39.5N, 75.2W
Brother Samir ibn Lomaq the Monk 230 Greenspire 42.9N, 67.0W
Caleb Jinor the Healer 289 Crater Lake Village 64.9N, 13.5E
Danifa Gondmad the Healer 264 Glenden Wood 29.9N, 27.1E
Denterra the Healer 230 Lost Wish Range 41.0N, 56.4E
Ellimar Jorning the Healer 323 Ayan Baqur 60.0S, 87.8W
Farmer Khurah al-Rujarkir 230 Xarabydun 41.9S, 16.2E
Fertroth the Healer 264 Glenden Wood 29.6N, 28.7E
Fiun Healer 306 Fiun Outpost 95.7N, 56.7W
Grawalda the Peddler 204 Dungeon Manor
Hea Nyrenauri the Healer 264 Ahurenga 47.2N, 90.4W
Healer (15.2N, 47.6E) (Healer) 264 15.2N, 47.6E - Farm 15.2N, 47.6E
Healer (26.7S, 65.1E) (Healer) 264 26.7S, 65.1E - Healer's House 26.7S, 65.1E
Healer (42.4N, 32.2E) (Healer) 264 42.4N, 32.2E - Healer and Peddler's House 42.4N, 32.2E
Healer (44.9N, 36.4E) (Healer) 264 44.9N, 36.4E - Healer's House 44.9N, 36.4E
Healer (75.5N 10.6E) (Healer) 264 75.5N 10.6E - Vendor House 75.5N, 10.6E
Healer (76.6N, 6.0W) (Healer) 264 76.6N, 6.0W - Igloo 76.6N, 6.0W
Healer (Beach Fort) (Healer) 264 Beach Fort 76.1N, 49.1W
Healer (Eastwatch) (Healer) 323 Eastwatch 90.4N, 43.1W
Healer (Fort Tethana) (Healer) 264 Teth Golem Mountain 9.4S, 71.9W
Healer (Lithaenean) (Healer) 264 54.4N, 38.3W - Vendor Camp 54.4N, 38.3W
Healer (Mattekar Slopes) (Healer) 264 67.3S, 28.3E - Empyrean Ruins 67.3S, 28.3E
Healer (Nanto) (Healer) 264 57.4S, 80.3E - Roadside Vendors 57.4S, 80.3E
Healer (Northern Point) (Healer) 264 93.9N, 7.7E - Northern Point Bunkers 93.9N, 7.7E
Healer (Oolutanga) (Healer) 264 Oolutanga's Refuge 2.0N, 95.6E
Healer (Sawato) (Healer) 264 Sawato 34.6S, 59.7E
Healer (Simda'r) (Healer) 264 80.7S, 19.7E - Tent 80.7S, 19.7E
Healer (Westwatch) (Healer) 323 Westwatch 72.8N, 73.51W
Healer (Yanshi) (Healer) 264 Yanshi 15.1S, 50.4E
Healer Beysta 230 Lytelthorpe 0.7N, 51.4E
Healer Burah bint Fathlan 213 Samsur 2.8S, 19.5E
Healer Deme du Laur 230 Sanamar 71.8N, 61.3W
Healer Dragando the Leech 230 Arwic 32.8N, 55.8E
Healer Fan Lun-Kou 264 Baishi 49.6S, 62.6E
Healer Fridroth 264 Glenden Wood 29.7N, 25.9E
Healer Hansur al-Hirwak 264 Al-Jalima 7.2N, 4.6E
Healer Hargurg 323 Merwart Village 79.9N, 59.2E
Healer Hisuf ibn Shudir 247 Zaikhal 13.8N, 0.1E
Healer Jilrisi ibn Makhur 230 Tufa 14.6S, 6.3E
Healer Kai Kou 264 Lin 54.2S, 74.0E
Healer Kai Tonweh 230 Yanshi 11.9S, 42.4E
Healer Kana of Kara 289 Kara 83.4S, 47.1E
Healer Lithinia of Chiran 230 Underground City
Healer of Stonehold 289 Stonehold 68.8N, 21.8W
Healer Rili Sou 264 Tou-Tou 28.1S, 95.8E
Healer Sanami Siohiro 264 Kryst 74.5S, 85.0E
Healer Sunwi 230 Al-Arqas 31.3S, 13.8E
Healer Tonsho Ha 264 Mayoi 61.9S, 81.9E
Healer Windotha Sofyld 289 Qalaba'r 74.4S, 19.4E
Healer Xidan Fensen 264 Sawato 28.7S, 59.5E
Ichi Ji 170 Martine's Retreat
Janus Roma the Shopkeep 230 Redspire 40.8N, 83.1W
Kan Chi Gai the Healer 323 Wai Jhou 61.9S, 51.5W
Kouxao Ei the Healer 247 Hebian-To 38.9S, 83.4E
Le Ben the Healer 230 Nanto 52.3S, 82.8E
Ludora the Healer 264 Dryreach 8.0S, 73.2E
Master Enchanter 170 Facility Hub
Mulud al-Iyar the Healer 230 Yaraq 21.4S, 1.6W
Myrlat the Physician 289 Linvak Tukal
Nashima al-Haruq the Healer 264 Uziz 25.5S, 28.3E
Pricilla the Healer 264 Danby's Outpost 23.5N, 28.7W
Provisioner Murdo 289 Bandit Castle 66.3N, 49.8E
Provisioner Warster the Handy 289 MacNiall's Freehold 74.0S, 92.2E
Shihinden Ran 264 Crypt of Ashen Tears 14.6N, 3.5E
Shopkeeper Yoshi Deshi 306 Fort Teth 1.5N, 71.6W
Sodyla Thurmad the Healer 264 Eastham 17.3N, 63.4E
Thelnoth Cort the Healer 230 Holtburg 42.7N, 33.4E
Thimrin Woodsetter 238 Candeth Keep 87.5S, 67.2W
Tumina the Healer 264 Khayyaban 4.7S, 24.6E
Venara Basalleno 230 Rossu Morta Chapterhouse
Yaohan Tong the Healer 230 Shoushi 33.8S, 73.0E
Zalphoos the Shopkeeper 264 Mount Alphus 19.3N, 17.6E

Update History

Taste of Twilight

  • Icon updated.
  • Old icon: Potion of Healing (Release) Icon

Mired Hearts

  • Icon updated.
  • Old icon: Potion of Healing (Taste of Twilight) Icon

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