Introduced:  Unfinished Business Related Quests:  Radiant Mana Infusion Quest
Radiant Mana Infusion
Radiant Mana Infusion Icon
  • Value: 1,500
  • Burden: 15
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • It looks like you could pour this on some other item.
  • A small glass flask containing a radiant aqua liquid. Perhaps this could be used to further empower items already infused with great power.
Radiant Mana Infusion Live

Radiant Mana Infusion on altar at end of Sclavus Tunnels


  • 20 hour timer.
  • Can be used to upgrade various Sword of Lost Light items.
  • Can also be given to Lilly of Glenden Wood for xp.
Item Upgraded Item
Sword of Lost Hope Icon Sword of Lost Hope Empowered Sword of Lost Hope Icon Empowered Sword of Lost Hope
Sword of Lost Light Icon Sword of Lost Light (with 3 infusions) Empowered Sword of Lost Light Icon Empowered Sword of Lost Light
Inert Olthoibane Infusion Icon Inert Olthoibane Infusion Empowered Olthoibane Infusion Icon Empowered Olthoibane Infusion
Inert Shadowfire Infusion Icon Inert Shadowfire Infusion Empowered Shadowfire Infusion Icon Empowered Shadowfire Infusion
Inert Skeletonbane Infusion Icon Inert Skeletonbane Infusion Empowered Skeletonbane Infusion Icon Empowered Skeletonbane Infusion